Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Drinking Crown Royal in Vancouver

The Canucks needed the 7-4 win over LA last night like Kevin Federline needs a deodorant stick and a clue.

After a long 21-game drought, hard-working rookie Alex Burrows had his first career hat-trick and combined with Ryan Kesler and Todd Bertuzzi on a very effective and physical line. It also helped that Mathieu Garon was teh suck.

I know it's cliché, but every one of these games now feels like a playoff game. With each loss by the Canucks, and each win by Edmonton, San Jose, and Anaheim, the tension and anxiety grows. With each win, it's a little bit of ecstacy. Every regular season game is worth just as much as any other (well, with OT loss points, it's not really, but you know what I mean), but the games just have more 'urgency' to them when each win, loss, and tie is magnified and the number of games remaining shrinks.

PS: Somebody kneecap Teemu Selanne. He's helping my boss in the office pool and helping the Ducks.

As for grumpy Todd Bertuzzi, it's been a la-la-la-la-long-long-li-long-long time since he's worked this hard. Was he infected with the youthful enthusiasm put out by Ryan Kesler and Alex Burrows? Or is it simply his time of the month? Whatever the case may be, Bertuzzi needs to put that kind of effort out more often.

Po po zao!
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