Thursday, March 30, 2006


Canucks Go Wild while Vancouver Doesn't

The Canucks managed to get another big win over the pesky Wild. Anson "Tarantula Head" Carter scored a Power Play goal with just 7 seconds remaining to give the Canucks a 2-1 lead.

Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

Too bad for us that the game was on frickin PAY PER VIEW.

I realize the Canucks are a for-profit enterprise and they have every right to try and maximize their revenues. Just don't give me this BS about "The networks don't want the games."

What was SPORTSNET showing during the game? NBA Basketball.

Not just any NBA basketbore, but Golden State versus New Orleans.

Umm...K. I'm so shure that Sportsnet told the Canucks "I'm sorry, but we can't possibly show the Canucks tonight when we have one of the premier NBA matchups between two teams nobody gives a rat's ass about"

In reality, it's Sportsnet basically saying "We don't have Canucks hockey tonight, so we're not even going to bother to try and get viewers to watch our channel"


As my friend Duc suggests, we need to have an organized boycott of Canucks PAY-PER-VIEW games. Let Orca Bay know that we're cheapskates and we want our hockey free DAMMIT!!!

*SIGH*, we'll just have to wait for the eventual bandwagon exodus.

Time to move to Ontario Golbez... with Centre Ice, the only games I don't get are from Leafs TV — and needless to say, that's a great thing.
I'm not to familiar how the TV games are chosen in Vancouver but if it's like the way the Oilers games are picked. Basicaly at the beginning of the season CBC decides which games they want, then Sportsnet picks which of the remaining games they'd like to televise based on how many they've paid to show, then the canucks are left with the left overs. I went to the game the Oilers had against the wild suffice it to say I wish I'd just stayed home and watched the highlight package.
1. Moving to Ontario? I'd rather jump off the Burrard Street Bridge

2. Mike - Good theory. The Canucks might well divvy up the games as you described. You'd figure Sportsnet would purchase more of the games, but perhaps it's just not THAT big of a money maker for them.

Still, I find it hard to believe that Sportsnet couldn't make money on these games. I mean, a huge chunk of the late-season games are PPV. These are the stretch-run games when people want to be watching.
First off, I was at the game and until the last 7 seconds, it was terrible. So trust me, Sportsnet was doing you a favour.

And second, it drives me nuts when people complain about PPV. It costs $10.95 a game. Invite one buddy over, and it's just over 5 bucks. You're telling you can't afford to pay $5 to watch a hockey game? It's no more expensive then renting a movie, but you never hear anyone bitching about how Blockbuster is gauging them.

Not even 10-15 years ago, you only used to get 20 regular season Canucks games a year. Now you get at least 60. So quit your whining.
I of course meant gouge, not gauge.

1. I don't have the digital cable/setup/doohickey that would allow me to even access PPV. That would be an extra cost that I wouldn't really want.

2. I don't have any friends

3. I am cheap and I want it free! Spending money to watch a regular season game on TV, no matter if its a BIG game, is just against my cheapskate mentality.

I don't know where Mr. Mexico gets his 60 games. Maybe if you factor in the Center Ice package, but that's an extra bit cost right there.

- Duc
Duc the schedule on doesn't include regional coverage (Sportsnet).
Nevermind 10-15 years ago, even 5 years ago we received about 30 canucks games a year. The year they launched PPV was the same year that Sportsnet massively increased their NHL coverage. So, coincidentally, free canucks coverage hit its highest mark the same year that PPV came out. People have the idea for some reason that PPV is replacing network hockey, but its just never been like that. At least not in Western Canada. Free coverage went way up, and PPV came out as an extra money maker for Orca Bay. But if they hadn't added PPV these games wouldn't be anywhere, period. The first year of PPV there were already 68 televised games scheduled. The PPV was launched after the free TV sched was in place.
Thanks, Phillip. I stand corrected.
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