Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Woe Canada, Woe Slovensko

*Sigh*, why do the hockey gods hate me so?

There will be no gold medal repeat for Canada in men's hockey. Russia defeated Canada 2-0 in the semifinals on Wednesday, eliminating them from further medal contention.

Did Canada deserve a medal? Not really. How can Canada's high powered offense be shut out 3 times in one tournament?


Cry all you want about the absences of puck-moving defensemen like Jovocop and Niedermayer, the fact is there is no way Canada should have been shut out three straight times. Would it have hurt Canada's forwards to drive to the net and get some rebounds?

Many will expect Wayne Gretzky to shoulder the blame, but I'd put much more of it on the shoulders of coach Pat Quinn. Did Canada look like a poorly coached team to you? To me, Canada lacked exactly what a good coach would provide.

As for Slovensko, it's 2-0 Cesko after two periods. This sucks!

EDIT: It's time like this that really make me hate this game! >:(

The Czechs diddle around during the Round Robin and crawl into the playoffs while the Slovaks dominate and fly into the playoffs. One game later, Slovensko is going home and the Czechs move on.


Oh no! All the teams I cheer for are gone! My team (USA), Slovensko and even the Canadians are gone. I could cheer for Sweden...nah. The Evil Russians...heck no. The Finns.....boring. Well I guess I have to cheer for my Czech brothers again.
For the love of the gods, PLEASE DO NOT CHEER FOR THE CZECHS. I beg you.
pavel demitra broken nose and orbital bone on the jurcina shot. don't feel sad, cause fifth in the world ain't bad.
You forgot to mention the injuries to Salo and Ohlund. Remind me never to put money on anyone or anything you like.
If they lost the Sweden game, Slovakia would have drawn the Swiss in the QFs. Kudos to them for not throwing the game, and taking the Czechs head-on.
see, this is where hockey gets REALLY @##&^*! up. it doesn't make sense! so because of one crappy game slovakia gets kicked out by the LAZIER (or just CRAPPIER ;)) czechs?? i agree with anonymous wholeheartedly :)
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