Monday, February 06, 2006


Super Bore Hangover

Finally, the Super Bore is over and we can get back to focusing on the sport that deserves the most attention: Hockey!

The game? As usual, it was boring. If you wanted excitement, you should have watched the Grey Cup. The action and pace was much much faster, and the game went into OT. The NFL = Slow. After all of these years, I just can't see the attraction to American football.
"OOOOH, a 2 yard running play!"

Canadians don’t even get the 'great' commercials that the Yanks get (Seeing some of them online makes me think we don't really miss all that much anyway), so what's the point of even watching the game? They actually played some of these commercials on SportsNet after the game, and none of them were all that funny. It looks like innovation (the Apple ad and such) has given way to going for cheap shock value.

The halftime show? Forgetting the puritanical uproar over a half-exposed breast, the fact is that the half-time shows are either lypsynched or just plain awful.

The Rolling Stones? The Mark Messier of the rock world? Wow, they sounded bad last night. It was painful to watch and listen to this 'concert'.

Aretha Franklin was right, why couldn't they have found someone from Detroit Rock City to play at half-time? Kid Rock would have made a lot more sense and would have done better in all respects.

I can't understand why companies in Canada air the same boring commercials they always do during Super Bowl Sunday. You'd think one or two enterprising companies would have had special SB commercials.

Well, the folks at Bell finally kind of noticed that "Hey, nobody in Canada is doing a unique commercial. Why don't we do one?"

Bell is known for some pretty funny commercials, and the one featuring beavers (Frank and Gordon) were pretty well done. VancouverOpEd has more.

I'm just glad the Super Hype is over. I really don't need to hear another 1,000 stories about Jerome Bettis.

PS: "I'm doing to Disneyworld"? Umm, OK.


Remember the Golden Helmet (Zlata Helma) videos I linked to often during the lockout?

Well, this weeks crop is really good so I'd figure it's time for a little highlight watching.

1. Petr Leska, Jaroslav Balastik's former centerman, does a lovely pirouette behind the net before stuffing it in.

2. Roman Malek, the little guy the Flyers will probably never bring over, robs Vsetin on the rebound.

3. Jaroslav Kudrna, of my fave Trinec team, with one of the strangest broken plays I've seen this year. Kudrna gets upended, but the play isn't whistled dead. From his ass, Kudrna makes a sledge-hockey pass to Jan Peterek, who rifles a one-timer home.

4. Ivo Prorok torpedoes his way home.

5. Andrej Podkonicky, formerly of the Washington Crapitals, combines on a very nifty give-and-go-and-give-and-go with Petr Sachl.

6. Daniel Branda goes round-the-world to score a beauty of his own.

Word on the Stones...lord, you know things are bad when you can't even sing along with "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction". And the problem with Stones, well, it's really the same old song and dance with most older bands/artists, great music, horrible vocals. If you thought Mick sounded bad last night, watch the Emerson, Lake, and Palmer: Live At the Royal Albert Hall and/or The Moody Blues - Hall of Fame: Live At the Riyal Albert Hall DVDs, and then come back to me.

Don't knock all rock "dinosaurs" though...Paul McCartney did a dynamite job at last year's Super Bowl. At least I thought he did...

And also, I realize I'm in the minority on this AND am a little biased (YAY STEELERS!!), but personally, I thought there was more of a media bias towards the Seahawks than the Steel. Yeah, you heard hundreds of thousands of things about Bettis, but not any of the other Steelers. Outside of Bettis, whom I saw maybe three or four times on TV and my computer during the last two weeks, it seemed to be Seattle this and Seahawks that every other second. Hell, just about every time I went to CBS Sportsline to check up on scores for my score predictions at, it was always Hasselback's mug or some other Seahawk(s) being shown on the front page. AND, I probably wouldn't have minded it if the Steelers had not made it to the big Bowl, BUT all of the Hawk hype certainly did its job in making want the Steelers to win just that much more.

I can't believe I just did my longest post ever here about football, of all things... O_O
Last night's game wasn't all that good, but the last few Super Bowls were decent games. I could watch the Grey Cup, and I could also watch the AHL or ECHL over the NHL.

The commercials were duds compared to most years. They can't always be great. There were one or two funny ones, but nothing stood out like, and some were downright awful.

Can't say I noticed any Hawk hype. All I saw was Bettis this and Bettis that. Big Ben is young, don't be Dan Marino, blah blah blah.

The officiating was also awful.

Until next year...
I don't know what everyone's complaining about. The Super Bowl was perfectly diverting if leavened with generous doses of the Puppy Bowl. Which had the superior officiating, by the way.
Poor Roman Malek will spend the rest of the season in the Czech 2nd tier with evil Usti nad Labem.

Havirov remains the biggest surprise of the season though.

It was so nice to see that undeath hasn't hurt Keith Richard any.

Also loved the MacGyver and "crime deterrent phone" commercials.
Apparently beach soccer is popular in Finland. That's what I hear, at least. I swear.

Jussi Jokinen in some pictures he'll regret for the rest of his life. (Courtesy Andrew's)
Ha, I didn't even watch it. Didn't care. It ws the team of the hardworking blue collar metal lunch box town vs. the communist artsy fartsy latte sipping town. a win-win scenario for me.
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