Monday, February 20, 2006


"The Sky is Falling!"

Who needs friends when you have the North American mediots nipping at your heels?

I know Canada can't score and I know they can't get any traffic in front of the net, but this panic in the media and from the fans is just useless.

Remember 2002? Canada crawled into the playoff round, didn't exactly blow away the Belarussians in the playoffs, and still won the gold!

Remember Nagano? The Canadians ripped apart the opposition in the Round Robin, only to finish 4th when all was said and done?

Until the playoff round starts, nothing really matters. Canada has secured a playoff spot, and these games are purely exhibition. There is some reason for concern, but the second guessing and whining is so unbecoming and wasted energy.

Here are actual quotes and headlines from the Chicken Littles and enemies of the Federation. Oh, and of course using the gambling 'scandal' for clever and original? I bet they stayed up all night thinking of those gems.

"I'm upset that Canada has been running up the score, especially against the host nation...There was no need for that. They're trying to pad their stats. . . . Canada is running up the score for whatever reasons -- personal, short-term." - American (whiny) Women's Team Defenseman Angela Ruggiero

"PUCK HOPES FADE" - Don Gauf, member of the 1952 Canadian squad: "They haven't got a hope now if they play like they did today. They can't get in first or second, but they might have a shot at the bronze."

"Great One's gamble not likely to pay"

"Gretzky hockey gamble appears to be losing big"

Gretzky played wrong cards:
Is this what happens when Eric Staal and Sidney Crosby and Jason Spezza, three of the top Canadian scorers in hockey, none of them FOGs (Friends of Gretzky) get left behind in favour of the old familiar Canadian guard.

'He may be on the roster, but Bertuzzi doesn't belong"

'Team Canada's talent not producing results in Torino"

"Gretzky's face tells Canada's sad story"

"Nobody's in awe of Canada, and a sick feeling is acceptable"

sky isn't falling, the playing field is leveling.

euros grow up dreaming about the olympics, n. americans about raising the stanley cup

for the elite players there are 3 seasons this year.

pronger will "a game" the stanley
cup finals, like always.

b game the reg series.

and from what i have seen he is c gaming the olympics

(yes he is banged up-- dont care! he is taking "indiscipled" penalties apparently and not being as effective in transition as he should be)

kt on the americans?

IF he were playoffing he
would be

a game reg season

c game playoffs

f- game olympics

have you seen some of the euros? guys i've watched for years and never seen them throw a check are banging like a brick of firecrackers...


then you get pronger after mucking up agame noting this publically and being shocked/insulted by it

dudes if n.a. doesnt startto decidethe olympics is a game for two weeks, they are going to start having lots more problems, despite skill of squads
I;m often sitting right next to Scott Burnside, so if you want me to pass on a message.... :)

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