Saturday, February 04, 2006


The Peter Forsberg Slideshow

A pictorial look at Peter "Floppa" Forsberg, the world's most prolific diver and expert playmaking center.

One day, an alien boy (on the right, dummy) was discovered in the Swedish logging village of Ornskoldsvik. Feeling sorry for the little tyke, they took him in as one of their own.

In his early years, he showed a disturbing trend of violent behaviour. Here he is, beating a cat with a rod (The cat is censored for your protection).

They decided to put his violence to good use on the hockey rink. Here, young Floppa is shown revealing his true dream: To play for the New York Islanders.

Instead of being drafted by the Isles, he gets taken by the Flyers. You can tell he wasn't too happy about that.

In case you are wondering, Peter is a size Extra-Small.


Yeah, definitely.

This is what Peter's species really looks like. Only the finest plastic surgery keeps Peter looking human.


Where's a machine gun when you need one?

It's funny because it's true!

Nice one. But you missed the "pipsqueak forsberg" photo:
Darn you Jes!! Now I've got an urge to find a DVD of Beauty and the Beast again!!

Seriously, I've been morbidly curious to see that TV show for sometime...
If you are achin to see Linda Hamilton, go with Terminator 1 and 2...much better :)
Jes, I can't believe you let a spammer get away with postering here.

Tsk tsk.
More Forsberg spam:
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
That was 'spam'? Geez. Wasn't our intention.
J&A, she was referring to a comment I deleted from a guy promoting some stupid kid games website. It certainly 'twas not you.

I knew you posted that pic before, so I didn't include it in my collage. I can't figure out who the d00d on the left it.
Hi Jes. Long time reader - first time poster here.

"I knew you posted that pic before, so I didn't include it in my collage. I can't figure out who the d00d on the left it."

I read on the Canucks forums a while back that it was Tommy Salo. Not 100% sure.. and you know how us Canuck fans are quick to jump to conclusions. :) It does vaguely look like him in the right light, though.
Ahhh, maybe i'm starting to catch on to this whole anti-sweedish thing. :p
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