Thursday, February 16, 2006


Olympic Thoughts and Such

It's great to see some upsets and surprising results float in from Turin. I just wish I wasn't at work so I could actually watch the damn games >:(

Be sure to check up at for their excellent first-hand coverage.

CZECHIA lost to the Swiss. Wow... Aebischer comes up big with 40 saves, but TSN may want to fact check this...

Aebischer, 22-2-13 this season with Colorado, made 13 saves during the third period of Switzerland's 5-0 loss to Finland on Wednesday. He replaced Martin Gerber, who allowed all the goals on 24 shots.

As much as I love my Czech brethren, this kind of result also gives me quite a chuckle. The way some Czech fans and personalities (basically the ones who would be Leafs or Avalanche fans if they were North Americans) treat Slovak hockey is the same way Oprah Winfrey treats a pair of shoes that cost less than $200. It's nice to see them get a little comeuppance once in awhile, although I still pull for them to do well overall.

Latvia Awards Drunk Fans with Tie - Latvian correspodant Jess Golbezs was going to send in a report from this game, but, in usual Latvian style, he went and got piss drunk and won't be sending me much of anything.

The fact that the Latvians tied the US is a bit of a surprise, but it's not as if the world is dying of shock. This wouldn't be the first and last time that an American squad has troubles with an 'inferior' squad due to chemistry and teammwork issues. We'll see if the Americans can get together and play some good hockey.

Slovakia 5 - Russia 3. You can imagine how happy this Ruthenian was to see the Russians get their comeuppance. A fine example of their overconfidence? Red and Black Hockey has the details.

"Rossiya Shaibu"? More like Rossiya SHUT THE HELL UP!

Yeah, so I wasn't thrilled that Peter Budaj got the start in goal, but he did enough. For all of their smack talk (*ahem*ILYA*ahem*), the Russians didn't back it up with any inspired play and were resoundly outshot by a more motivated Slovak squad.

Great quote from Pavol: “We had a great start and we played great defence. As the game progressed we started to focus more on defence, Russia sometimes forgets about doing so and it cost them.”

The guys at are taking some great photos at the games. A larger version of this one is going up as a wallpaper on my desktop at work.

Just wondering what your thoughts are on the new lawsuit filed against Bertuzzi. Even Moores Parents are suing?!?!? Crazyness.
"Rossiya Shut the hell up"? i knew you thrive on ripping on folks (the swedes, for example), but damn, dude, you're out of line. (just like an average canucks fan, from what i hear). telling me to stop cheering for my team because of a youngster who ran his mouth??? why, that's about as absurd a call as i've heard in my life. are common sense and good taste outlawed in BC now? you slam others for having bad taste, but man, you take cake! makes me feel sorry that the reputation of the good people of canada has to suffer because of some moron who has the worst case of omnipotence ever. you're pathetic.

and i won't even mention the rus-swe score. keep blogging. i'm sure it'll keep gathering an audience of haters salivating at the prospect of telling someone to shut up. that's one intelligent and objective reader less perusing your blog. have a nice life.


How do you say "OH SNAP" in Russian?
Ahh Alexei, you are making way too much out of one little sentence.

I never told you or anyone else to stop cheering for your team. You should know my posts are tongue-in-cheek and more directed at Kovalchuk and his cocky ilk than the common fandom.

Calm down, man. Grab some Stoli and chill ;)
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