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Oh noes!! Hockey Players aren't perfect!!!

To date, I am one of the few bloggers who hasn't yet commented on the big story about involving Rick Tocchet and the gambling ring. Eric @ OffWing has given it pretty good round-the-clock coverage, if you really feel the urge to read everything there is to read on the topic.

Honestly, I don't give a rat's ass. I really don't.

Does their gambling involve professional hockey at all? Likely not, since nobody really gambles (much) on hockey. I find it hard to care about what these individuals have done with their lives, and I'm not really surprised that a few within the NHL ranks would partake in criminal activities. A certain percentage of all folks are criminals, so why would you expect that level to be 0.00% in the NHL? Sure, these folks involved are complete morons, and they will be hit hard. Once you wake up to the reality that hockey players are rich jocks who are human (a shock, I know), you'll be better equipped to handle the fact that they are just as fallible as anyone else.

I'm seeing a lot of contrived anger from the mediots and the blogosphere, with people 'caring' a lot more than they really should and a lot more angry than they really are.

What really irks me is the typical "Chicken Little" syndrome that comes out of the MSM any time something bad happens to/by a hockey player. Oh, this scandal is just a big black eye for hockey. Right. You'd never hear the same kind of 'This is the death knell of the league' kind of talk for the NFL, NBA, or MLB.

"Oh, the NHL has such a small and weak fan base in the USA. If the sport isn't as pure and white as snow, the fans will all leave for professional bowling! This scandal will lose the NHL 50% of its fan base!"

Whatever! Talk to the proverbial hand!

Is the Todd Bertuzzi Incident the reason why hockey isn't very big in the USoA? How about Dale Hunter on Pierre Turgeon? Alan Eagleson? Brent Sopel's hair?

No, so life will go on, and Rick Tocchet is pretty much dead in the water in terms of his NHL future. Let's stop pretending that the sport is going to die because of this, and stop pretending that you are personally hurt by this gambling ring.

Thank you, Jes. That needed to be said.
Amen and preach on, brother.
Jes, I haven't even considered commenting on it, that's how little I care.

What I'm trying to figure out is why is gambling bad(tm)? The only reason anyone gives a rat's ass about this is because of stupid governmental rules pertaining to it being 'illegal,' whatever the hell that means, and because of it being defined that way now it's wrong... and wrond-doers should be punished.

I don't get my morality from the Code of Federal Regulations, the Code of Florida Statutes or the Martin County Charter so none of this really makes any sense to me whatsoever.

Great job, though, on thin-skinned, overly defensive hockey hockeydom. They really should just ignore this and move on.

Let me also give you a pat on the back. Great commentary.
actualy i care a lot.

a)a st louis b-list (at best) actress is involved who doesnt talk to her husband about it (reportedly) even after she is caught

b) an owner is involved (see a)

c) this wasn't some minor kitchen betting, this was 1000 bets, million of dollars caught in the act, and likely been going on for years. AND INCLUDES laudry of the money, etc. it is UGLY

d) involves criminals, and anyone who thinks owners,coaches, and PLAYERS owing money/favors to criminals is unimportant doesn't know what side of the spread to bet

e) almost certainly involves insider info too boot, you think we are NOT going to find out several of the betters are ncaa stars of the past, betting on or against their college teams?

the thing i agree with is that this has little to do with the NHL,other than they will be forced to gut tocchet(and he deserves it-let us be honest)

BUT should jenny jones' husband get involved, it WILL be a messy NHL based issue that will certainly hurt as much or more than toddy head hunting.

why? cos once again in the states, idiots who have never seen a game and networks with zero hockey coverage will be slamming the ugly side of hockey. youever read some of the toddy reports? we had yahoos who do human interest tripe writting opinions of it, and natty nebobs of negativity chortling before they even throw it to the sports reporter on tv.

they didnt much cover the labor issues these idiots, but they WILL be back to bury wayno, if his hole gets dug by his wife.
d00d! It doesn't look good for the Penguins now...

Recchi and LeClair both lawyered up tonight. I think Tocchet might have squealed to Bettman and the NHL. But that second part is speculative.
Jes, while I would much rather be talking about something else, unfortunately stuff like this matters, a whole heck of a lot more than we'd like it to. This may be the biggest NHL-related scandal ever (and certainly the biggest since Eagleson).

That doesn't mean you have to care, or that your site will suffer for not covering it. It simply means that it is a huge story. There's no way to debate against that. Resistance is futile — sports pages will be consumed for days to come (at least the Olympics are upcoming).

Depending on how deep this runs, there could be implications far beyond Tocchet and a handful of players. How far away, now, does an NHL team seem from Las Vegas? Much further than it was, to be sure.

I don't know how deeply I'll get into writing about this, but you can be sure it won't be in an effort to add to the bleating.
Great work, Jes! Once again, I'm on your side.
But... but... HOCKEY SCANDAL! in a 150-point headline sells soooo many newspapers!

Some people like to watch movies. Some go so far as to have favourite actors/actresses. Still others obsess over every minute ugly detail of the stars' lives, right down to sordid rumours about the love life of the 8th runner-up of American Idol three seasons back. That crowd spawns the demand for a disturbing number of entertainment news tabloids.

What we're seeing here is the Access Hollywood branch of NHL fandom.
May not care, may want to be a voice of reason, restraint and perspective in the eye of a storm, but the MSM is gonna ram this down our throats every day until they use up every possible angle. Little pee wee hockey kids will be video taped with their reactions to the fall of the Great One-an investigative report on the toll gambling takes on families and enablers. Today's reports of phone conversations about the ring between Gretz and Tocchet, and allegations that Janet might have been placing bets for Wayne, is gonna release the hounds on the Gretzky family.
Cason, you are right, they will use this as a mechanism to propagandize this thing to hell and gone in an effort to prop up that gambling is bad... mmmkay... It's so predictable as to be almost sad.


look peeps it isnt about gambling, it is about criminals and lying, and yea,as i said wayno is already busted lying, now betting? yet to come...

is drinking bad? well can be. but eh.

drinking illegal whiskey? always. scarface's hootch got a lot of peeps killed. i think we will celebrate a lot of them in a few days too lol.
The apocalypse really is upon us now--I find myself agreeing with Childhood Trauma yet again.
Preach is Jes!
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