Wednesday, February 08, 2006


A Love Letter from a BJs Fan

It's time to dig a treasure out of the old mailbag.

This little 'gem' comes from a Dinner Jackets fan, Todd Glover:

As George Carlin once asked, "What kind of name is Todd?"

Are you a complete moron or what? I am tired of your undeserving Blue Jacket bashing. They are building an organization the right way. Have you forgotten the early days of Tampa Bay and Ottawa. Look at what they have achieved.
Now, now, now. None of my bashing is every undeserved!

The lifetime record of the Blue Jackets is now 126-204-33-20, and that includes three straight last-place finishes in what is now a very weak division. If it wasn't for the total ineptness of the Blues and Hawks, the Jackets would be in the basement once again.

The RIGHT way?? No, the Jackets have built exactly the opposite of the right way.

Let's see. Doug MacLean's idea of 'building' a team is to throw out big money on old and expensive free agents such as Luke Richardson, Adam Foote, Scott Lachance, Darryl Sydor, Bryan Berard, Andrew Cassels, and Todd Marchant in a misguided attempt to merely make the playoffs. These older veterans are clearly overpaid and are paid based on past performance (and one big season, in Marchant's case), making the Blue Jackets less able to fill their roster with other good players since they are spending so much on so little. This method, just like we see in Pittsburgh this year, leaves a roster that is quite expensive and quite thin and quite crappy. The Jackets have never been that competitive and should have saved that money for when they really needed it.

These old veterans, especially Richardson and Lachance, took away ice time from the younger players that would have really used the time to develop. Don't give me crap about having these old farts teach the youngsters to play. If they were so great, why is Rostislav Klesla basically 'ruined'? Wow, did the BJs screw that guy up.

The RIGHT way would not have an incompetant GM having his contract extended, or the hiring of a coach way over his head (Mr. Gerard Gallant).

As for the early days of the Ottawa Senators and Tampa Bay Lightning:

1. Both franchises had awful initial management groups. Tampa Bay was ruined for a long time thanks to Phil Esposito's trading of Roman Hamrlik and other goodies for Jason Bonsignore's mullet and Bryan Marchment's kneecapping ability plus his many other poor moves. Their initial burst of decency didn't help their draft position, and they also picked many duds and rather suspect players that didn't turn out great.

2. It is unwise to assume that the BJs will be a great team in the future simply because Ottawa and Tampa Bay used to be really awful teams and then became good clubs. Both of those clubs got to where they are today thanks to great management over a long sustained period. Columbus has awful management and would need a regime change before they could ever hope to developed the sustained success of those 2 franchises. Look at the Bengals in the NFL and the Clippers in the NBA! Proof that franchises can stay bad for an eternity if run poorly.

Oh, and what are these great trades the BJs have made?

Have you failed to notice the collection of young talent they have assembled? Have you failed to notice that they were one of the best teams in the NHL during January? Who knows what could have been this year if Nash would have been healthy. I guarantee that they make the playoffs next year and will be a scary team to face.
One month does not a team make. Having the fortune to play in the NHLs weakest division combined with the proper alignment of the stars would allow any team to have one hot stretch. Every dog has it's day, and all that crap.

The only reason the Blow Jackets have lucked into the young talent that they have is thanks to Doug MacLean's bungling of the franchise. His inept management has caused the BJs to finish low in the standings, basically handing them nice draft positions. Doug MacLean certainly didn't plan it that way, or he would have never wasted so much money on expensive free agents. Their stubborn refusal to get rid of Marc Denis reminds me so much of the Edmonton Oilers, who stuck themselves with Tommy Salo so long and failed to realize that he was their biggest problem.

I would appreciate it if you would shut the hell up when it comes to matters that you are too stupid to comprehend.
I love you too! Come over to my house sometime and I'll bake you some chocolate-mint cookies.

Most expansion franchises usually have their shit together (or are at least starting to get their shit together) by their fifth year. Minnesota, Atlanta, and Nashville are all at least halfway decent now. So what the hell is the Smoking Jackets' excuse? DMGM doesn't even have a plan in place for how he wants to build the team, and seems content instead to simply screw around and try to accumulate top-10 pick after top-10 pick, as if that's somehow going to magically make the CBJ Cup Winners in their 23rd season or so.

And ownership gives him a contract extension? WTF? He's almost as bad as Mike freakin' Milbury (and that is bad, yo).

In Doug We Question, kids.
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