Friday, February 24, 2006


Kosice's new digs c/o US Steel

Kosice, a small steel town in Eastern Slovakia, is known as a great hockey town with a great fanbase. Other than drinking strong Ruthenian vodka, painting eggs, and frolicking in the snow, there isn't a whole bunch of other stuff to do there. (FYI, Ladislav Nagy is definitely the biggest recent product out of Kosice. )

For years, the team and fans had to suffer with an old old old stadium that could only fit 2,000 people. Not everyone who wanted to see a game could get seats (or a place to stand) and it certainly wasn't known for being comfortable.

Thanks to team sponsor/owner US Steel, Kosice has finally completed construction of the new "Steel Arena" (Kosice Stadium Ladislav Trojak).

There are some nice photos at the link provided. It really is great to see the Slovaks finally get a nice new stadium somewhere other than Bratislava. For far too long, Slovak teams have had to play at old barns leftover from the Communist era while many of the Czech teams have bright new digs.

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