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Hockey Players' Wives

If I were a hot female specimen, there is no way in South Dakota that I would ever marry a professional athlete, especially a hockey player. It just wouldn't be worth the 'bling'

The average hockey player is cocky, self-centered, rather dumb, cheating on his spouse and has at least 6 fake teeth. Pro athletes generally have the worst of the alpha-male traits and are good for nothing more than a night or two in some high-priced hotel.

The wives of pro athletes know exactly what they are getting into when they enter such a relationship. Judging by the IQ of some of these women that I have come into contact with, they are either too ignorant to realize what is going on and/or so supremely shallow as to not care what their husbands do, just as long as the money keeps flowing in and the status symbol of being married to a pro athlete doesn't wear off.

Patricia Robertson of the seems to think these wives are deserving of some of our thoughts and feelings.
As Wayne Gretzky is rallying the boys in Turin, Janet Jones Gretzky is dealing with the authorities. Am I the only one who feels a pang of sympathy for Janet and the other hockey wives as they deal with their various trials on the sidelines?
Yeah, you probably are.
Patricia seems to equate being a player's wife with being burdened with their expectations.


You are telling me that Chris Pronger's wife is in agony and distress because Pat Quinn called out her husband for taking dumb penalties? The only pressure Ms. Pronger is under is the pressure to find the latest Gucci's in time for the next Oilers charity event. Todd Bertuzzi and Marty McSoreloser might have been chopped to bits in the press, but their wives certaintly didn't go under the microscope.

At least Patricia got one thing right:
Which brings us to more unseemly topics. In my opinion, Wayne Gretzy's only real social crime is the endless shilling he does for Ford, McDonald's and Coca-Cola. Other endorsements you may have been bombarded with by The Bill Shatner of Sport Shilling include Tylenol, Campbell's Soup, Nike, Esso, CIBC, Hallmark Cards, Peak Antifreeze, Thrifty Car Rental and Mattel, who developed a "Great Gretzky" effigy of the hockey superstar. I can't wait till he's old enough to shill for Grecian Formula, Polident and Depends.
It seems one out of every four commercials on Canadian TV has Wayne Gretzky in them. If it's a hockey game, it's about one out of every two commercials. Is there anything Wayne won't slap his name on for a quick buck?

Anyway, it's time for me to eat lunch:

d00d, that's an insult to William Shatner. :p
I go to school with this girl from London Ontario and she was saying that she saw Corey Perry and went to talk to him. After a couple of minutes she concluded that he hit his head way too much and moved on; but sure enough there were girls all over him...since he's corey perry and all.
TOTALLY marrying these men (or any pro athlete) a woman has to be in some state of denial to keep a marriage going. I don't think 100% of them cheat but from what I have observed first least 90% have at one time or another. The odds aren't good. The cache and money aren't worth it when many of these marriages dissolve at some point during the career--alot of them die when the player's career is over and the guy is home all the time.
well....I am not stupid or a gold digger as suggested by some previous comments. Some of us wives have been with these fellows since PRIOR to them becoming professionals. We do a considerable amount of charity work in our communities while raising our children. Our children are often targets of comments that most peole would never say to another child
I know for a fact that Scott Thornton had been cheating for over 4 years. He met one of my best friend when he was here playing in Sweden. They have since then met at leat 4 times a year and have contact at least every week. He has told her that he is only with his wife becuase of their kids and that he feels traped.

Because of them, who I met I also know more players that are cheating. Marcus Nilson has so many different girls everytime he is out partying. Even if he now has a son that doesnt stop him.
mats Sundin is unfaithful to his newly fiance, but he has always been cheating with his ex girl friend as well..
Well the list is long, but i better stop her.

Oh, and if you dont believe me I do have proof of pictures that I have seen of Scott Thornton and hs Swedish girlfriend. They seem to have so much fun!!
I have been with a married hockey player for 3 years. He is chating on his wife but can not leave her because of the money. His name is marcus nilson and even if his wife has a son now he still sleeps with me...and probably more girls.
His wife or well they are not married yet, her name is Sara, she is sooo into her self and thinks he is faithful. Poor girl.. ha ha but I love playing with hm ;-)
People are so stereotypical. Grow up and learn not to judge others so harshly. Yes, there are hockey players out there that are like that, but there are also bankers, accountants, doctors, and lawyers that are the exact same way. To give hockey players this type of image only shows our populations' own ignorance. I am a highly educated women who has been dating a single, generous man who happens to play hockey for almost a year, and we plan to spend the rest of our lives together. I am not self centered nor into designer clothing and fancy accesories. This is my take on the comments above. Don't be so critical of people you don't know.
I'm sure nobody will believe me, but anyways I am an active NHL player (legit) and you can trust me on this. Maybe back in the day every player was cheating but now with cellphones and facebook and lawyers all the guys are playing it safe even on the road. The guys who are cheating I guarantee are doing it so secretly that even we don't know, so there's no way it will get out! Most of the stuff you hear are just lies made up by bored people.
Not sure if interested or not for your blog but here is a good Scoop... Toronto Maple Leaf player Colton Orr, the big Family man is a frequent visitor of a Toronto Massage parlour on the Queensway in Etobicoke where he pays to get "services".

He is a regular visitor there and has been seen visiting many times actually weekly if not twice or more a week and sees a regular girl there all the time.

How would his family like this news and the team or the public? He is not the person he lets on to be.

Anyways please check out the facts but this story is one that you have first and he is not true to his family or his wife, this guy should be exposed!

Just wanted to give you a heads up..but I would suggest that you take a look as this is one of the guys that the Toronto Kids have been looking up to.
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