Saturday, February 25, 2006



It's a good thing that I'm in Seattle for a weekend getaway. I need to getaway from that damn frustrating Olympic hockey.

Sweden? Finland? It's an easy choice, but it still sucks. The Nordic ones are guaranteed at least a silver.

I'd like to give out a big BIG F U to Milan Hnilicka.

D00D wins a much undeserved Best Goaltender Award in the Czech Extraliga last year, robbing about 10 more deserving goalies of the honour simply because dumbass journalists fell in love with his NHL credentials (lest they forget how much d00d sux0red)

Hnilicka plays a great game against Slovakia filling in for Vokoun, and then goes back to his normally crappy self just in time to face Sweden. Is he a double agent? No, he just sucks >:( Do pice Hnilicka.

Oh, here's an exclusive photo of Peter Forsberg's pre-game preperation. If this doesn't scream EVILDOER, than what does?

Forsberg is a werewolf.

You heard it here first.
Rumour has it Demitra is all busted up. Someone in Spector's mailbag said a Slovak newspaper reported he has a busted cheek , busted nose and a swollen eye that could keep him out for a month, if not the rest of the season. There goes my dream of Waddell swinging a blockbuster deal to get him to play with Marian Hossa.
Forsberg is a werewolf.

You heard it here first.

Hnilicka? absolutely not. Have you seen the game?

Pavel Kubina was at 6 swedish goals, Tomas Kaberle at 5. What can goalie do, when his elite defence pair sucks in such a way ?:)

Kubina and Kaberle played great games for czech team, but they got their time-out in the wrong moment.
how bout those swedes, gold medal and all. and finland did pretty damn sweet as well. im just glad that scandinavia kicked everyone else's ass (especially czech)
As long as the Soviets left with Bupkis, it's all good. What a stunning victory for traditional hockey fashion. The Swedes didn't bow to those evil fashion necromancers at Nike. No vertical bar codes on the socks, no grey vertigo-inducing stripes under the armpits. Just blue, yellow, and that cool viking ship logo on the shoulder.
I have long suspected Forsberg to be a furry shapeshifter. Thank you for confirming that. lol :-D
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