Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Your Daily Smack of Truth

From the Tyee.ca's Month in Rewind:

Hockey superstar Mark Messier formally retired on January 11th at Madison Square Gardens in the longest retirement ceremony in NHL history. The former captain of the Edmonton Oilers and the New York Rangers made no mention of his tenure as captain of the Vancouver Canucks, where he single-handedly led the team out of the playoffs for three straight seasons. However, there's still a chance he may get to the Canucks as the ceremony still isn't quite over.
So true, so true.

The Carolina Hurricanes showed how to honour their former captain, Ron Francis, with grace and class.
Mark Messier...still an ass.

I was wondering when you'd get around to talking about my Ronnie's jersey retirement...I know, I know, I'm one to talk...

I'll just post what I said in response to the Acid Queen's commentary:

Very well said. I thought it was a *very beautiful* ceremony. Even my dad appreciated it when he was recording the game for me...despite the fact that he complained about a ticky-tack thing in the part where they gave Ronnie the British Columbian vacation ("That was where the class left the thing. They could have done that privately." *cue yours truly rolling her eyes).

The whole thing may very well be one of the most touching things I have ever attended...not just as a hockey and Canes fan/Ronnie nut, but also as a person in general. Just thinking about it still makes me cry a little on the inside.
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