Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Return of the Vlad!

The NHL, once again, defeated the evil forces of the IIHF and won the battle for Vladimir Orszagh.

Too bad for Vlado that he's stuck playing with the worst team in the NHL. It's definitely not the scenario he envisioned while training so hard to come back from a shredded knee. In 2 games, Vlado has suffered through 2 losses, has yet to get a point, and is -1 with 3 shots on goal.
Still, he does look great in BLUE.

Despite the fact that the Blues are in 30th place by a wide margin, I was impressed with their hustle and determination in last night's 4-3 loss to the New Jersey Debbils. The Blues don't have much to play for, other than personal pride, and they only lose the game due to a mismatch in skill. While the Blues could hustle and forecheck well, their defence corps were running around like headless chickens for much of the night. Such is the life of a crappy-ass team.

Norm Sanders of the Belleville News-Democrat takes a look at the Return of the Vlad.

"I met my new teammates shortly before the game and I had been traveling the whole day before," said Orszagh, who has 50 goals and 110 points in 274 NHL games with Nashville and the New York Islanders. "I felt kind of rusty and had stiff legs, but I got that out of my system and now there's not more excuses."
Orszagh is a good friend of former Blues winger and fellow Slovak Pavol Demitra.
"We see each other during the summer all the time, we're good friends," Orszagh said. "He had some really, really nice things to say about St. Louis and the fans. He really liked it here."
*sigh*, if only Vlado and Pavol could be together on the Blues, that would kick some serious ass.

I expect Vladimir will be traded by the Blues once the trade deadline approaches. If Vladimir returns to his healthy self (he certainly looked fine last night), playoff-bound teams will definitely want a cheap and versatile forward who can help them in their quest for the cup. I'm not about to go switching my DEMITRA lettering for ORSZAGH letting on my Blues sweater any time soon.

ahhh that explains everything I always thought your jersey said you had dementia...

oh and the blues are second worse though the stats dont currently show it, the pens and saint cros are the bloody worse and have NO excuse.

oh well
As much as I want to chastise you for once again hating on my devils.. I have to admit, those blues work hard for a team full of 3rd liners.

Orszagh was one of the best players on the ice, he was dangerous in NJ's end, as was Cajanek (yea I know I spelled it wrong).

Mike Sillinger? he still plays hockey? I really like Jackman though, hopefully Lou figures out a way to pry him away from St Louis.
1. The Devils have already taken a great defenseman away from the Blues (Stevens). Haven't you done enough damage?

2. Not only is Sillinger still playing, but he's been great! After a slow start, he's been potting goals and playing a good 2-way game. Sillinger is generally a good producer on poor teams and just a defensive center on better teams.
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