Saturday, January 14, 2006


Photo of the Day: Peter Forsberg, Groupie.

Two of the world's most evil forces, Peter Forsberg and (extremely overrated) U2 pose together before taking over their respective kingdoms.


It's hard to tell who looks older in that photograph-- Forsberg, U2, or the 100-year-old stairway behind them.
I tend to agree with those who say U2 is extremely their 80's stuff, but other than that, big freakin' deal. I'll never forget when "The Sweetest Thing" was their biggest hit at the time a few years ago...ugh.

Anyhoo, yeah...ick. o_O
I love how Forsberg is all scrunched down so as to blend in with the 4 foot nothing U2.

Do they even have hockey in Ireland?

Poor sods....
hey... you're putin' on the ritz, Taco!

of course they have hockey in ireland. Sunday, bloody Sunday!

There ya go... that should help you out a little bit!

hmmm. something smells a bit fishy around here though. It must be the tuna, taco.
Wow. Don't let George Bush know that the axis has shifted so close to home!
There's more than the Belfast Giants, who are owned by a Dutch wealthy guy.

There's also local hockey and an own national team.

Official website:

Furthermore here's a video collection of some Irish 'highlights':
Calgary businessman Jim Yarowski owns a third of the team as well and brought Theo Fleury over, as you can see by the following pictures he's still a mouthy little so and so.

Oh, and U2 suck.
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