Saturday, January 21, 2006


NHL: Goalies on Goalies

Do you ever stay awake at night wondering how NHL goalies see their peers? If you do, you should ask your doctor how ZOLOFT can help you.

Anyway, The Hockey News asked 65 NHL netminders: "Who's the best goalie in the NHL this season?" (Story Link)

Surprisingly, my 'favourite', Martin Brodeur, didn't garner a single vote! I guess his peers don't venerate nearly as much as the Mainstream Mediots and General Mismanagers. ;)

The results...

Dominik Hasek -- 17 players (27.9 percent)
Miikka Kiprusoff -- 16 (26.2 percent)
Marty Turco -- six (9.8 percent)
Tomas Vokoun -- five (8.2 percent)
Roberto Luongo, Henrik Lundqvist -- four
Manny Fernandez, Martin Gerber -- two
Ed Belfour -- one
Yep, Dominik Hasek and Miikka Kiprusoff are head and shoulders above the rest. I am bit surprised at the lack of respect for Roberto Luongo, but his numbers are suffering behind the Panthers 'defense'.

Some of the choice answers...

"Tomas Vokoun. He's so good, but people don't give him the recognition he deserves." -- Martin Biron - (True That!)

Colorado Avalanche
"I guess I'd say [Dominik] Hasek." -- Anonymous
"Probably Dominik Hasek." -- Anonymous
(Hmm, two anonymous goalies from the Avalanche both like Hasek. Hmm, I can't possibly tell who these two goalies are. *rolleyes*)

"Miikka Kiprusoff. He's the reason Calgary is ahead of us in the standings.'' -- Jussi Markkanen - (So true, so true. It must hurt to admit that.)

I can't name one. There's lots of good goalies. The guy who wins it all [Stanley Cup] is the best." -- Cristobal Huet - (You know the guy who stands at the order counter for 20 minutes trying to decide what Wendy's Super Value Menu item he wants? That's Huet)

"Ed Belfour. I like the experience factor." -- Martin Brodeur (Experience doesn't stop pucks, Marty. I guess he'd be perfect to run Team Canada with his talent evaluation skills)

Declined to answer -- Curtis Joseph (What a wuss!)


Ha megérint majd a világ,
el ne tévedj vadvirág!
Mert ha messze mennél,
félnél egyre jobban félnél,
hogy nem gondolnak rád.

Ok, so I'm curious (and the internet is not providing answers)-- what does the Hungarian phrase mean?
So, you managed to figure out it was Hungarian, but not what it means? :)

It's the chorus from a favourite song of mine.
vadvirág = Wildflower.
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