Wednesday, January 11, 2006


The Big Blue Propaganda Machine

I rarely ever visit official NHL team websites. Why? Because, all they generally have is team-friendly fluff that makes their players seem like the best in the world. If I wanted my news to be heavily slanted in one side's favour, I'll watch FauxNews. Otherwise, stay the hell away and go somewhere where the news isn't so filtered.

The best example is the St. Louis Blues official website. You wouldn't know the Blues were the clowns of the NHL by the fluff the official team 'writers' post on that site. It's story after story of pure head-in-the-sand crap.

Let's look at George Csolak's blow-job of defenseman Steve Poapst: "STEADY ON THE BLUE LINE"

If one had to categorize Poapst’s role with the Blues, it would be as a stabilizer. He uses the word frequently in discussions about expectations. What he brings to the club is experience, something that has been sorely lacking since the retirement of Al MacInnis and the trading of fellow standout Chris Pronger to Edmonton.
(I won't quote anything else as not to expose you to the rancid sight of pep-club journalism)
Experience? Experience being turned around by a turnstile? Experience playing for one bad team after another?

I know the job of the Blues web site is to help promote the team and all, but the fans aren't served well when they have these crappy PR jobs stuffed in their face. The fans in St. Louis weren't born yesterday, and are far too smart to see right through this.

How about the truth?

Fact: The Penguins, the team that can't stop a goal to save their lives, didn't think Poapst was good enough to keep around. WOWZORZZZ, I totally want this guy!

Fact: After 11 games with the Blues, Poapst has 0 points and is -8 with 12 penalty minutes. Steady? Yeah, he steadily sucks!


actually i love the blues site, always have thought it one of the best. Now don't get me wrong, i wouldn't read a column by the horde of hired writers, (you left out how pleau loves the young americans (who didnt medal) and how jackman is a god without any stats BUT

the blues have their complete transaction list

a complete alphabetical roster

a complete numerical roster

individual season totals


usually a few solid pieces of fan eye candy to download

but if you ain't in the history section, your lost

also, hmmm i wonder how bogie was described to pittsburgh fans lol. i'm sure flash n the pan, and can't find the side of a barn where not included...
we runs 20 or so club wesites back here in Czech republic. All the club managers wants us to write like those Blues staff. I am going to translate this article and send it to all over here to open their eyes. Neither Blues fans, nor Czech fans were born yesterday. PR could be an useful tool for politicians, but hockey is played on the ice with a puck.

Jes, your blog is steady. It steadily rocks :)
I could never work a PR job, for a club or not, and turn into a fanboy for the team. I work with those guys all the time, and they're great guys (and some are even great writers). It just ain't for me.
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