Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Armenian Update

The Division III World Under-20 Junior Championships in Elektrenai and Kaunas, Lithuania, are now completed and the home country took first place and the promotion that goes with it.

Sadly, our beloved losers from Armenia did poorly once again. In their 4 games, they were outscored 146-6 and continued to be a shining example of how not to play hockey.

The damage?
50-0 loss to Iceland.
21-2 loss to Bulgaria.
47-1 loss to Lithuania, and a
28-3 loss to Turkey!!

3 goals!! Let's have a round of applause!! *golf clap*

Presuming the team stats are accurate,

  • The #1 goalie, Harutvun Baluyan, played every minute of every game. Even Patrick Lalime could do better than a 36.50GAA and 64.30SV% !!
  • The top scorers, Hovnan Markosyan and Davit Khumaryan with 4 points each, were also the worst +/- fiends with -89 and -87 respectively!
  • How the hell did Edvard Nazaryan finish with a +1 ?
  • It looks like the Armenian coach only played 2 lines and left one line to rot on the bench. If you are losing games by 40-50 goals, why aren't all of the players getting a chance to play? Why doesn't the backup goalie get a chance to play? What are you holding out for? The poor kids fly all the way to Lithuania and don't even get a chance to step out on the ice!

  • Still, you have to admire the Armenians for having some balls. Would you incur the expense to fly all the way to another country just to get your ass seriously kicked in front of 800+ people? Tournament after tournament, the Armenians show up and play the role of Washington Generals to everyone else's Globetrotters.

    There's no way Patrick Lalime would have under a 35 GPA.
    I swear their goalie is going to get drafted ahead of Kessel in this year's entry draft. :)
    pah the beauty is averaging a -22 a GAME
    I love hockey :-) Thanks for the news, I didn't even think that Armenian HAD a hockey team.
    I want to find out how to play for the Armenian National Team. I am American, but my Grandmother and Grandmotheris from Armenia (so that makes me half). I even have an armenian last name. Also on the plus side, I can skate backwards.
    That should read "Grandmother and Grandfater is..." My typing sucks.
    To be blunt Armenia is really shit at sports.
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