Saturday, January 07, 2006


The Andrew Hutchison Bet

Why don't I gamble? Because, I never win!!

Case in point, a stupid little 'bet' I made before the season started about Andrew Hutchison of the Carolina Hurricanes.

Yep, defenseman Andrew Hutchison of the Carolina Hurricanes leads all [preseason] scorers with 1 goal and 7 assists for 8 points. I bet a hot dog with cheese that he won't even get 8 points in the regular season.

Well, as Red and Black Hockey has been monitoring, Hutchison now has 2 goals and 6 assists on the season, giving him *sigh* 8 points.

As I am a man of my word, I owe a few people a 'Cheese Dog': The Acid Queen, Mr. Red and Black Hockey himself, James Mirtle, and my pal Duc.

Here is a reasonable facsimile of what my cheese dog would look like, especially if I add in some chili.

Mmmmm... doesn't that just look tempting? *cough*

The cheese dogs also come with a side of this delicious shake. I wouldn't want any lawsuits, not that a Canadian court wouldn't throw them out anyway.

Holy Jeebus, Jes! Why not cut a hole over your heart and just squeeze that puppy right in there!

Yes, Jes's cheez dawgs, AKA, "The Instant Heart Attack".
That does it--I'm definitely saving my pennies to come out for the Draft, so I can teach you how to damn cook.

Bet I can get your gf to help me, too. :p
Judging by your "reasonable facsimile," your cooking sucks!

- Duc
Bitchin'! Them cheese dogs look tasty!
That has to be the worst looking hot dog I've ever seen. However, food isn't for looking at and paintings aren't for eating.

BTW, my boy picked up another assist tonight.
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