Tuesday, January 31, 2006


01/31 Random Ramblings

Childhood Trauma, the Acid Queen's bestest friend in the whole world, sent me this link of a music video the Calgary Flames lipsynched in the mid 80s. I can never resist anything that mixes cheese with muzak.

Folks, this is a lesson to you. If you ever to decide to film yourself doing ANYTHING, make sure you won't regret it 20 years later when your children or others watch it.

Video Link: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6053863688509045791&q=calgary

You can see a young Brett Hull (Yeah, he was once a Flamer), Gary Suter, and Joel Otto trying their best not to look totally embarrassed by the whole ordeal. Tim Hunter must have been laughed at by all the other goons in the league (until he punched them around), and he looks like he's been caught stealing cookies from the cookie jar. The wided-eyed look of totally discomfort is hilarious.

It looks like Neil Sheehy is the lead syncher, and he's really into it! Every team needs a dork.
You can barely Al MacInnis, as he is almost hidden completely as he 'plays' a trombone. He's probably thankful for that.


Eurohockey.net has named Dukla Trencin goaltender Miroslav Hala as December's Player of the Month. This is the first time that anyone I nominated actually won the damn thing.

The Slovakian netminder had an unbelievable month in which he nearly broke the official pro-league scoreless streak record. He kept his opponents from scoring for 322 minutes in a row before HC Kosice's Jan Lipiansky finally managed to break the deadlock. The world record is held by Brian Boucher who kept a scoreless streak going for just over 330 minutes back in the 2003-04 season when he was tending the net for the Atlanta Thrashers.

Oh, and a pricelss quote from a great profile:
"I have been a goalie all my life. I never wanted anything else." In a country where offense comes first this is begging for an explanation. Hala remembers it well, "When I was a little boy, I always liked the smell of goalie equipment."
In Slovakia, they are too poor for Crack/Cocaine. Beer and hockey equipment is a hell of a drug!


Ed Jovanovski will not play for Team Canada in Turin as he's having surgery to his abdomen.

The big question: Now, who will be the one to make a untimely giveaways in the neutral zone?

"Now, who will be the one to make untimely giveaways in the neutral zone?"

That would be Brian McCabe, if his own groin booboo is gone in time.
That quote is wrong. "Waterboy" Boucher NEVER played for the Thrashers. It was the Coyotes that he played for during his shut out streak.

Perhaps the quote meant against the Thrashers that the streak was broken.
That video is fearsome. Truly truly fearsome.
FYI, Sheehy is in Red Hot, but the "lead singer" is Mike Bullard, who was (consequently?) traded later in that 87-88 season.
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