Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Yzerman withdraws from Team Canada consideration

So, Steve Yzerman saved Team Canada (Wayne Gretzky) the grief of leaving him off of Team Canada for the 2006 Olympics and saved his own face by being 'excluded'

DETROIT (CP) - Red Wings captain Steve Yzerman has withdrawn his name from Canadian Olympic team consideration.

A Detroit spokesman confirmed Yzerman phoned Olympic boss Wayne Gretzky to say he would not play in Turin.

Yzerman is a decent role player for the Red Wings this season(8 points and -3 in 19 games), but injuries and age have robbed him of much of his ability and speed and he is no longer a world-class player. Why he was even considered has more to do with 'tenure' and the old-boys-club mentality that exists in much of hockey. Team Canada is not a union, and roster spots should be given on talent, not tenure.

Now, it's time for Mario Lemieux (-17 !!!! this season) to step aside and let somebody younger and more able take his place. Gretzky and Team Canada shouldn't have to feel any pressure to take a Lemieux. Sure, Mario might be a potent Power Play threat, but he's an awful liability and there are other players just as good or better on the Power Play these days.

Even though it's a good decision not to take Lemieux to Turin, you know Gretzky and the Team Canada brass will get way too much grief for leaving "Super Mario" off of the team. Can Mario show some rare class and do what Yzerman did?

The impression I get is Mario will only step aside if Sidney Crosby is assured his spot.
I think Lemieux will go and play limited minutes in an 'old man leader' role.
Mario should ask for a role behind the bench, or be given one, or something. Just keep him off the larger ice.
too old? probably. not the same thing as talent should be used to fill slots. talent is not the deciding factor, creating the best team. TEAM. fitting every single role with the best player FOR THAT ROLE.

unproven "talent" with no experience in this sort of competition on the international stage is the right choice over experienced proven leadership, commetment and accomplishment?


well, seldom...

it is wayno's choice, and if he makes it on ANY reason other than putting together the best shot he has at winning the cup, he shouldn't have been given the job in the first place.

if crosby is best, take him. if mario take him. if poapst take him. if recchi take him. if there is no penguin then don't take any. period.

and if poapst should somehow happen to fit the role the best in wayno's opinion (whihc would be an interesting thing to happen) what explaination would be needed to put him on the team? he makes our team better than any other name.
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