Monday, December 26, 2005


World Junior Championships: Shall we begin?

The World Junior Championships begin today as Canada takes on Finland, the land of cellphones and boring educational games..

I'll be covering the tournament for, so I'll get a first-hand glimpse of some of these prospects I've only been able to see on TV or in print. I'll be covering the tournament from a more European angle, since there is more than enough coverage of Team Canada from one of many Canadian media websites.

One constant theme I keep hearing me, and it bugs me, is that Canada is a great 'underdog'


Sure, we don't have the powerhouse team that killed everyone last year, but is Canada an underdog? You know that Slovakia, Sweden, the Czechs, and almost every other country is scratching their heads and wondering "why are those Canadians so damn whiny?"

Canada is NOT A FREAKIN' UNDERDOG! They may not be the odds-on favourite, but they, as always, have an incredibly strong team and will be one of the favourites to win the gold yet again.

Really, the media needs to stop creating panic where none exists.

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whatis really up with marek schwartz? everyone alwayscallsthiskid a god, and a draft steal,he has 1 solid season in the canadian homeboys league thenruns home to back up in the elite leagues again. yet here again, he is the savior of the czech junior team? (and by here i mean the linked articles, not the blog)
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