Saturday, December 31, 2005


WJC: Liveblogging the USA/Canada Game

Here I am at the Pacific Coliseum and the place is packed and pumped. The media centre was also packed (as you'd imagine).

I asked again, but there are no media guides for Switzerland or Norway :(

A heavy anti-Amerikan atmosphere and, given the political things going on out there, this is definitely 'the game' of the tournament. Ahh, lots of boos for the ref.

Ahh, it's VINNERBORG, the evil Swede robot!!!

One thing I like about International games is that they don't make you stand through the anthem(s) before the game. Nope, the players stand in a row and the captains exchange banners and phone numbers.

Well, here comes Team Canada and the place is LOUD!! Damn, my ears are almost bleeding :)


The first period is, this is the first time in a long time that I've been to a game with this much atmosphere. This is 'edge of the seat' stuff. 2-1 for the good guys after 1.

  • Wendel Clark gave an interview during a TV timeout. He got a good cheer when introduced, then when he mentioned the Toronto Maple Leafs he was booed loudly ;)

  • I don't really like these new uniforms. The logos are small and the font sucks. They do make the players look thinner. Women would like them :)

  • This ref sucks!! Vinnerborg should not do any further games.

  • "LUUUUUUUUC!" - Wow, this guy is already popular and he has yet to play a game for the Canucks.

  • Lots and lots of people wearing Team Canada uniforms. Vancouver is a preppy town and people don't generally wear hockey unis to the games. It's nice to see a huge sea of red and white in the stands.

  • OOOH, they are giving away a car! Bobby Orr is going to be the 'judge' and he gets a standing ovation and a "BOBBY, BOBBY" chant. Wow! Too bad I can't get a free Chevy Impala.

  • ---

    End of the 2nd... 2-2 thanks to a goal by Peter Mueller. How did Canada get caught sleeping on their own PK?

  • Vinnerborg still sucks

  • The mid-period interview? Bubbles and someone else from The Trailer Park Boys. If you are Canadian, you know this show :)

  • With as much action as there has been, I am surprised both teams don't have 25 shots apiece right now. The official scorekeeper must be stingy tonight.

  • It's shaping up to be a good 3rd frame.


    Well, it was a great 3rd frame, albeit marred by that ugly incident.
    My game recap is up at right HERE.

    Yep, Jack Johnson won Player of the Game after the crap he pulled.

  • Vinnerborg was MUCH MUCH better in the 3rd period. He actually seemed to let the players played and called the good calls in that period. Maybe he'll have learnt something tonight.

  • More Cowbell? Yep, someone in Section 22 had a cowbell.
    Do cows even wear cowbells any more? That question is now on my mind...

  • The media centre...definitely pro-Canadian :)

  • Coach Brent Sutter looks like he gets about 2 hours of sleep a week. When this tournament is all over, he needs to reward himself with a good 15 straight hours of sleep and a shot of NyQuil.

  • To all readers and passers-by, have a great New Year's Eve and let's hope 2006 is an even better year for all of us.

    I was just commenting to my brother while watching the game on Center Ice that I totally hate those jerseys. I like the normal, less skinny looking ones, just fine. :)
    Yeah, is this the new wave??? They just don't seem like good 'hockey' sweaters. They seem to be trying too hard to be 'cutting edge' and it comes out wrong. The unis don't look very distinctive or nationalistic. I mean, part of having a national team sweater is being THAT COUNTRY. Canada's sweater looks so much like Norway's and other countries just don't stand out as much as they usually do.
    If I had shotglass, I'd bounce it off Jack Johnson's head for that idiotic stunt he pulled.

    If it takes getting chucked from the rest of the WJCs to get through to the boy that such stupid moves are unacceptable, then so be it.
    GREAT coverage Jes, as always. I didn't have quite the same reaction to the new uni's, I did'nt love them but I did think they're on to something that only needs to be further refined. Nike claims they reduce air resistance and drag thus improving performance... and ain't that what it's all about. I'd be interested in hearing what the players thought of them, they're obviously works in progress.

    I totally agree that J. Johnson's cheap shot was a incredibly stupid move on his part. I LOVE tough hockey but that kind of crap I loath.
    "people don't generally wear hockey unis to the games."

    Jes, that doesn't sound like you wrote that sentence. Please, permit me to re-write that to your blog style.

    ...people don't generally wear hockey SWEATERS to the games.

    see how much I've learned from your blog? :)
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