Thursday, December 29, 2005



Day 3 wasn't exactly the best day for 'my teams', although I still had an enjoyable time at the USA/Finland game. Full game recap here.

(The other games are recapped here.)

Americans: Our friendy neighbours? Ha!

Notes and totes:
  • The crowd was vehemently Anti-Amerikan and I loved it :)
    There were at least 10 different chants of "Let's go Finland!" or "U.S. Sucks!", and I'm sure the Finnish players were shocked as nuts to be playing in front of such a 'home' crowd.

  • My girlfriend claims that Americans cheer for Canadians at hockey games that don't involve the US? Is this true? I find it hard to believe that.

  • The referee Vinnerborg (damn Swede) was one of those stereotypical crappy International refs. Wow, he had absolutely no control over the game and made way too many weak calls. The fans were booing the ref louder than the Americans by the 3rd period. There were 50 PIM's in all and the game was an endless Power Play contest.

  • How high is my seat? Well, if I stand up, my head touches the roof of the Pacific Coliseum. Yep. The roof has this yellow foamy/asbestos type substance and about 30 years of dirt and dust on it.

  • The Finnish Media Guide - Just under 60 pages, but the players have no real profiles...just pictures and vitals. What is funny is that the guide is full of many advertisements purely in Finnish.

    Now, who is the media guide usually for? Well, most of the people reading it will be the English-speaking media. Having ads in Finnish (see the title of the post) seems like wasted money to me (well, they do help fund the team which isn't a bad thing).

  • The Americans had this odd uniform combination: Dark blue uniforms with white helmets. They looked like cheap bubble hockey players.

  • I've now had enough free popcorn to last me an entire year and I plan on having more. The media centre doesn't really have a lot of free food, but there is free popcorn and drinks (soda, water, juice).

  • I saw a few Americans warming up for the game by playing soccer. I don't know which players I saw, but they were really small and looked like they were 15! The Americans seem to have a 'boy band' quality to them.

  • Really, Vancouver was a hockey nut's paradise last night with 2 WJC games and the Canucks game downtown. A good crowd (at least 12,000) attended the late match between the US and Finland. I just wish the games didn't start at 8:00pm because I didn't get to sleep until 12:30 :(

    "My girlfriend claims that Americans cheer for Canadians at hockey games that don't involve the US? Is this true?"

    News to me if they do. You average Amerikkkans are a bit xenophobic and tend to think of Canada as evil because then-PM Chretien didn't support the war in Iraq.
    If the US isn't playing, I certainly cheer for the Canadians. But I'm probably not the norm in that area. :)
    Re: Your second bullit point.

    Yea, go ahead, doubt your girlfriend and see if she'll give you a kiss (or something else) at the end of the night. I dun care what she says,... if the sky is green - believe it!

    I root for Canada too... when it's not against USA or "my people" the Slovaks. Despite what the Acid Queen says, we Americans CAN party with you "canooks"! ;)

    The more I read Acid Queen the more I think she's earned her nome de plume and believe that she's on the Tom Benjamin area of the blog spectrum - perpetually miserable.

    There's a little bit of truth to what the acerbic monarch said... a lot of us do hold a grudge on what the corrupt Liberals in office have done. However, I do know that now the more exposure I have to you and others Jes... that the Canadians can still and always be our good friends and alies to the north. The good Americans among us can tell the difference.

    In short, people good - Chretien cronies bad.
    Despite what the Acid Queen says, we Americans CAN party with you "canooks"! ;)

    I said "average", goofball.

    And I am not perpetually miserable--I'm just 'pinionated.
    actually i know a lot of canadians who think we hate them.truth for most americans i know is we don't care enough about you to hate you.

    i've definately seem more intercanadian hatred amoungst language lines than us/canada hatred.

    so tell me isthere a frog chant and a don cherry chant up there?

    we need to be told why they are called frogs, and who the heck don cherry is down here lol
    See, I could get all into this subject, but I've been trying to skirt the issue since this is a hockey blog and not a politics blog. :p

    Just sayin'.
    Mmmm.. "friendy"....

    Having lived in both places, I think the first part of what Anonymous, if that is his real name, said is true.

    Back to hockey, I want to see a Stars (ok, or Preds since Texas isn't technically 'the South')/Canes final. ;-)
    I would laugh myself silly if there was a Preds/Canes final--it would be great! Truly grand. :D
    How do you get to be 'a bit xenophobic'? Perhaps it's when you're half pregnant.
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