Thursday, December 29, 2005


Vladimir Orszagh returnes to the NHL with Phoenix? has reported that Vladimir Orszagh, one of my favourite players, has decided to leave evil Sweden and sign with the Phoenix Coyotes (one of about a dozen teams interested in his services)

From the mouths of devils.

I Coop Arena pågår just nu en presskonferens med anledning av att Vladimir Orzagh skrivit på ett två års avtal med Phoenix. Denna säsong och nästa. Enligt det gällande avtalet med Luleå Hockey har han rätt att skriva på för en NHL klubb men enligt avtalet mellan Internationella Ishockey Förbundet (IIHF) och NHL har han INTE rätt att göra detta. Avtalet mellan IIHF och NHL är klart med att alla spelarövergångar skulle vara klara innan den 15 augusti 2005. Om Orzagh ändå väljer att fara riskerar han att bli avstängd nästa säsong. Vi vill betona att Luleå Hockey har inte gjort något fel och avtalet mellan Orzagh och Luleå Hockey är glasklart med att han får gå, men IIHF tillåter inte att han spelar för Phoenix eller någon annan NHL klubb.

And you'll notice the frickin' Swedes can't even spell his name right! :)

Update: Here is an item from Sportsnet.

The Phoenix Coyotes have signed former Nashville Predators forward Vladimir Orszagh, Sportsnet has learned. Orszagh, who has been playing in Sweden since the lockout, still has to clear waivers as a member of the Coyotes, which means another team—specifically his former club the Predators—might swoop in an reclaim the right winger. The deal is reportedly worth $625,000. Orszagh played 82 games for Nashville in 2003-04, scoring 16 goals and adding 21 assists

Orszagh made a name for himself in Sweden back in 2000-01 when he left the Islanders to play for Stockholm. Orszagh tore through the Swedish Elitserien with 23 goals in 50 games (Impressive totals for a boring, defensive league). This breakout season put him back in the spotlight and the Predators took a chance on him...and he became a key member of the Vowel Line and so on.

This year, he recovered from a major knee injury and decided to rehab in Sweden before making his way to the NHL. In 19 games for Lulea, Orszagh had 8 goals and 5 assists along with a +12 (!).

I'm still waiting for an item on the official Coyotes site.

There is nothing in the agreement that prevents him from playing in the NHL this season. He'll have to clear waivers, though.
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