Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Spengler Cup: Canada's "Other" Team

With all of the recent fuss over Canada's Olympic team and how so many great players couldn't fit onto the roster, it's interesting to compare and contrast the roster for Canada in the Spengler Cup.

Now, I know the Spengler Cup is historic in Europe and all that blah blah blah, but to Canadians, it's more of a 'what the hell?' curiosity than anything else. With the WJC and the NHL in full stride, I'm sure the amount of people watching the Spengler Cup on TV is less that that who watch anything on the Discovery Channel.

Hmm, it's the NHL rejects club...

Zenith Komarniski
Brandon Reid
Jason York
Glen Metropolit
Jeff Toms
Dale MacTavish
Josh Holden

This looks like one of those teams in sim leagues. You know, the ones that are really poorly run by a GM that trades every decent player for draft picks? They will have 50 draft picks and a roster full of these rejects and minor leaguers.

It's also interesting to see a couple of legitimate prospects like Ian White and Doug Lynch at the tournament, although they are good candidates to become NHL rejects as well.

.. and this Team Canada lose to... Canadians (goalie and coach Dave King)

Davos, Switzerland -- Travis Scott stopped 45 shots in regulation time and overtime and six more in the shootout to lead Magnitogorsk past Canada 2-1 in the Spengler Cup opener for both teams. Alexei Kaigorodov beat netminder Andy Chiodo to put the Russian Super League club ahead in the second extra round of the shootout before the Canadian-born Scott stopped Stacey Roest to end the tiebreaker. The teams were tied 1-1 after the first five shooters.
Even though he's now on the outside, Jason York had a pretty good NHL career.

It's also interesting to find out there's another Kariya. Who knew.
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