Friday, December 23, 2005


Random Celebrity Sighting

So, I was walking down ROBSON STREET at lunchtime and who should happen to walk right past me but CBC's Kelly Hrudey, himself.
D00d is really short and had a very worried look on his face. (Some last minute Christmas shopping, Kelly?)

The guy walking next to me says "That was totally Kelly Hrudey".

Yep, that was the highlight of my workday.

Canada's funny.
I went to use the facilities between periods of last night's Thrashers/Caps game and who is coming out as I'm going in? Peter Bondra and one of his kids. I think I threw him off when I called him Bonzai... he's not used to be recognized down here.
...or maybe that's because he's not used to strangers randomly calling him "Bonzai"? :)
The misanthropic look of apprehension undoubtedly comes from being a goalie.
Dang Jes. Kelly Hrudey? I was expecting someone like Eliza Dushku.
I did some last minute shopping side by side with John Travolta.
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