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Old Dogs can learn New Tricks

With an increase in scoring in the NHL, it seems a few 'old dogs' have rediscovered the offensive talent they used to have once upon a time.
I bet you didn't pick any of these 3 in your hockey pool at the start of the season.

#1: Alexei Zhitnik - Any Sabres fan could tell you that Zhitnik appeared to lose his offensive talent at the same time Grunge music went out of style. Zhitnik was then paid a king's ransom this offseason to join the Islanders and most, once again, questioned the sanity of GM Mike Milbury.

2002-03: 70GP 3-18-21 (9PPP)
2003-04: 68GP 4-24-28 (14PPP)
2004-05: 27GP 3-19-22 (16PPP)

#2 Eric Desjardins - Flyers fans said Eric was finished before this season began, as The Garden apparently looked slower than Derian Hatcher with a donkey on his back. It's too bad for the Flyers (well, not really HAHAHAHAHA) that Darren McCarty crunched Desjardins shoulder like a Kit Kat bar and Eric will be out for about 2 months.

2002-03: 79GP 8-24-32 (8PPP)
2003-04: 48GP 1-11-12 (3PPP)
2005-06: 18GP 2-14-14 (9PPP)

and how about #3, Teppo "Repo Man" Numminen. Cast aside into hockey exile (aka Buffalo), most fans probably forgot that he is still playing.

2002-03: 78GP 6-24-30 (16PPP)
2003-04: 62GP 3-14-17 (7PPP)
2005-06: 28GP 0-18-18 (10PPP)

As you can see, I was highlighting the Power Play Points (PPP), because a large part of the "new NHL" has been the large increase in Power Play opportunities. It seems these two old dogs have been making the most of their opportunities and have put up offensive numbers comparible to what they did much earlier in their careers.

It's funny, then, how some of the old forwards like Mario Lemieux and Jeremy Roenick don't seem to be under the same spell. The top scoring list is rittled with young forwards, but we see a few older guys in the top defensive scoring leaders.

Surprise/Surprise: +/-. After the Top 4 (All Senators), #5 is Joe Corvo (Who??!?) of Los Angeles with a +20

On the other end of the spectrum, old men Mark Recchi (-19), and Mario Lemieux (-17) bring up the rear just ahead of old standby Bryan Berard (-16).

great topic.

Turgeon has been excellent so far this season as well.
holy cow. stats in a vacuum alert, the TWO most worthless "on there own stats" are plus/minus and power play second assists!

let us do at least some minimal rectification.

erik christensen is a god!! a god!!! not crosby! eric. the average penguin +/- is more than -4.5 erik is plus 6, EASILY MORE THAN TWO STANDADRD DEVIATIONS BETTER. (insert kneeling at erik's altar)

crosby is worse than average. stop knealing already! lol

ok a little more serious math

gonchar takes ~ 121 minutes to minus

recchi takes~ 73.75 minutes to minus

cosby takes~ 86 minutes to minus

melichar is about 144 minutes

mario takes~ 70 minutes to minus

odelein takes 55 minutes to minus

fata takes 52.4

orpik takes 93

jackman takes 77

talbot 67

poapst 88 minutes

endicott takes 10.5

vandenbussche takes infinity

pirjeta takes infinity plus a few years

palffy has third most ice time and is +3,

christensen has 19th most ice and is plus 6!!! (insert kneel)

anyalize that!
Mmmm....Darren McCarty.

And I thought that *I* came up with some tortured math!
nothing tortured about it, standard deviations are standard for a reason in stats, people should use them.

and crosby vs erik?

in 60 minutes of play time ( a full game for the peeps scared of real math)

crosby scores 1.5 goals and allows 2.2 goals

eriks scores a goal and allows .75

yep plus/minus quoting stands alone!

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