Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Jeremy Roenick left off of Team USA; Blames Aliens, the Illuminati...

To no surprise, Jeremy Roenick was left off of Team USA's Olympic squad.

We knew JR would whine about it, but this is gold! (not of the Olympic variety)

Roenick sounded off against USA Hockey Monday after his Los Angeles Kings earned a 4-3 shootout victory over Vancouver Canucks, saying he was left off the team "because (USA Hockey has) been blackballing me since September."

"I think they were holding the fact I haven't played in the last two World Cups against me. I'm a lot better player than my points indicate,'' said Roenick, who has six goals and seven assists in 32 games this season. ''I'm one of the guys that have gotten the USA to where it is today.''
Jeremy, this isn't 2002 and Salt Lake City. This is 2006, you are 35 years old, and have just 11 points in 31 games this year. You'd have trouble making Team Latvia, with your play and obvious decline this year.

umm you missed his best rant. i'll have to paraphrase it so no quotes but:

they better hope i don't end up a commentator somewhere because i'll be going 'go canada' 'go canada'

makes ya wonder if he is the olympic village destroyer, eh?
JR is sadly Brain damaged and suffering from Post Concussion Syndrome. He was a great player and good for hockey, it is time to cut him some slack and let him go away quietly.
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