Saturday, December 17, 2005


Blues' Tkachuk injured again. Here we go again!

If the Blues are going to lose, at least they are losing in the most spectacular fashion.

Just as Keith Tkachuk was steamrolling his big booty over the competition (8 goals and 7 assists in 9 games this year), it turns out he'll be out with another extensive injury. (TSN Story)

St. Louis forward Keith Tkachuk will be out four-to-six weeks after being struck in the right hand by a puck during the Blues' 5-1 loss to the Chicago Blackhawks on Friday night.

Tkachuk was injured during his second shift of the second period when he was hit with a shot from Blackhawks defenceman Jim Vandermeer. Tkachuk left the game and didn't return.

This is a short time after returning from injured ribs. Yep, it's just been that kind of year for the Blues.

Will his loss really affect the fortunes of the Blues? Even with Tkachuk's scoring, the Blues were 2-4-1 since his return and those wins came over the crappy Dinner Jackets and the Penguins. The difference will probably between losing by 4 goals every night instead of 2 goals.
While I don't feel sorry for Tkachuk, I do feel sorry for the poor woman at work who has Tkachuk in her pool. She was quite excited (well, more like "It's about bloody time") when Tkachuk finally returned and KT managed to pick her out of the basement. Now that KT is out again, she'll have to get reacquainted with Mr. Cellar.

Oh, and KT is now questionable for Team USA's Olympic team. As a Canadian, this upsets me not.

The news gets even worse for Blues fans...
The Blues also lost goalie Curtis Sanford, who was injured in the second period when St. Louis defenceman Eric Weinrich collided with him. Sanford sustained a hip flexor pull, and Kitchen wasn't sure how long he'd be out.
Returneth the Patrick Lalime? Really, this season has become darkly comical for Blues fans. I can't help but laugh at how everything is just imploding...but I look at the future for the Blues and I almost want to cry. Yep, our team is going to suck for quite a long time. :(

would you happen to know the result of Team Slovakia U20 vs UBC?

lalime will not be called up. they called up an alaskian ace.

and apparently the only thing brewer can check is his own goalie :)

yep its ugly

and teams' current high bidder is a "distressed assest bank fund manager" which is a very rich version of fred sanford. oh well.

at least he is rich

and the other sport he likes isn't basketball but autoracing..

baby steps
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