Friday, December 30, 2005


Blues Swoop in for Vladimir Orszagh

Hey! Not only is Vladimir Orszagh coming back to the NHL, but he's joining the St. Louis Blues.

Sorry, Phoenix, but you can't sneak and old, cheap pro past Larry Pleau. (at least this one doesn't suck ala Stephane Richer, Bob Bassen, Dave Ellett, ad nauseum) -- The basement-dwelling St. Louis Blues have picked up Vladimir Orszagh off of waivers, Sportsnet has learned, a day after the forward was signed by the Phoenix Coyotes.

Orszagh, who has been playing in Sweden since the lockout, had to clear waivers as a member of the Coyotes, meaning another team could swoop in to claim the right winger. Enter the Blues, who sport the worst record in the NHL at 9-22-4 with 22 points. He is expected to join the club sometime during the next seven days, once the immigration process is completed.

Phoenix had signed Orszagh to a deal reportedly worth $625,000. He's played 82 games for Nashville in 2003-04, scoring 16 goals and adding 21 assists.

"Vladimir is the type of player who can excel in many different situations, including at both wing positions," Blues genearl manager Larry Pleau said. "We are excited to add him to our organization, and I anticipate that he will make a strong contribution to the Blues for the next couple of years as a solid forward."

I'm sure he's pissed at having to join a club that has a 0.000000000000000000% chance at the playoffs, but I'm quite happy that the Blues got a little more Slovak again. Ever since the Blues got rid of their Slovaks, one by one, the Blues have been getting that much worse.

Coincedence? I think not!

lol i had to check here as soon as i read the waiver wire

you should also behappy to know that gamache is sitting (ok not happy about that) to "give Senja a chance"

although i can think of 10 other players who don't score the blues could sit instead of gamache

(oh ryan johnson leaps to mind instantly)

so there could be slovak on slovak action in the 'note again on some goals..

I think it's perfectly reasonable to think that Pleau will dangle Orszagh out at the deadline to stock up a little more in a deep draft. This also gives Vladdie some time to get back up to speed without a lot of pressure in an environment where any good play will shine like a beacon.

So, I'm looking forward to seeing how this pans out for STL... if our injury problems continue in BUF Vlad is a guy I wouldn't mind at all seeing in an AGH sweater.

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