Friday, November 04, 2005


Translated interview with Pavel Bure

Alexei Belousenko of translated an interview that new Russian team GM Pavel Bure gave to Soviet Sport.

Q: What will be your first steps in your new position?

P. Bure: I was assigned just an hour ago (laughing). But I will mention the important part. Only those players will go to Turin, who wants to play not for me, Steblin, or Krikunov, but for Russia. Players that are willing to defend the honor of their motherland, and win the Olympic Games. Only gold will be accepted. I’m not going to set any other goal for the team. And I’m not going to persuade anyone. I remember when I was a player and came to Olympics, I didn’t care who was a coach, and who was FHR’s president. I played for my country, and its fans.
Pavel and his brother Valeri were always very eager and supportive to play for Team Russia while others, especially Alexander Mogilny, refused to play for their country at all or didn't play with much heart.

You can read the full interview here.

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