Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Team-by-Team Most and Least Favourite Players

With all of the player movement this summer, it is time to update my little list of favourite and least favourite players from each NHL team.

Any other bloggers up for the challenge? Let's get a good look inside your heads :)

(Most Favourite/Least Favourite)

Anaheim: Keith Carney/Rob Niedermayer
Atlanta: Peter Bondra/Marc Savard
Boston: Jiri Slegr/Brad Isbister
Buffalo: Daniel Briere/Chris Drury
Calgary: Dion Phaneuf/Chris Simon
Carolina: Josef Vasicek/Jesse Boulerice
Chicago: Jaroslav Spacek/Nikolai Khabibulin
Colorado: Steve Konowalchuk/Brad May
Columbus: Gilbert Brule/Bryan Berard
Dallas: Stu Barnes/Mike Modano
Detroit: Steve Yzerman/Tomas Holmstrom
Edmonton: Ales Hemsky/Michael Peca
Florida: Roberto Luongo/Chris Gratton
Los Angeles: Pavol Demitra (duh)/Sean Avery
Minnesota: Marian Gaborik/Pierre-Marc Bouchard
Montreal: Tomas Plekanec, Richard Zednick(tie)/Sheldon Souray
Nashville: Martin Erat/Paul Kariya
New Jersey: Brian Gionta/Alexander Mogilny
New York Isles: Miroslav Satan/Alexei Yashin
New York Rangers: Marek Malik (no, really)/Tom Poti
Ottawa: Andrej Meszaros/Dominik Hasek
Philadelphia: Michal Handzus/Peter Forsberg
Pittsburgh: Sidney Crosby/Mario Lemieux
Phoenix: Ladislav Nagy/Denis Gauthier
San Jose: Milan Michalek/Patrick Marleau
St. Louis: Petr Cajanek/Keith Tkachuk
Tampa Bay: Vaclav Prospal/Vincent Lecavalier
Toronto: Tomas Kaberle/Tie Domi
Vancouver: Trevor Linden/Jarkko Ruutu
Washington: Alexander Ovechkin/Jeff Friesen

* Tom L of Sabre Rattling weighs in with his picks here
* and Happy Birthday to Navi of Belle River Nation who adds in his picks, including Juraj Kolnik as his favourite NHL player. (Round of applause)
* Japers' Rink (now added to the blogroll) adds his list. Ryan Miller as the future saviour of USA Hockey? Sure, and Wade Brookbank is the future saviour of the Canucks' defensive woes. ;)
* Ben Wright of The Net Files adds his list.
Montreal: Jose Theodore (his dad loans me money) ;)
* The Battle of Alberta gives a kick at the can as well.
* James Mirtle gives his list, but he's too much of a mainsteam media wussy to pick his least favourites. :) Being an 'insider' doesn't have all of the advantages. I can tell Michael Peca to screw off with no fear whatsoever.
* Edited San Jose. Go figure that Stuart gets dealt the same night.


Great idea, great list... I posted up my list already here:

Btw, it would help if you were to enable trackbacks for this blog. I know blogger doesn't handle them internally (and that sucks), but I did it for a long time on a blogger blog using the service from Haloscan( It's a little clunky but it's free and trackbacks really are an invaluable help. If you are interested and want more info/help, drop a line via e-mail.

I woulda figured Havlat instead of Hasek, but I guess the Dominator is a better-known target But Meszaros over Chara? Where's the love for the big guy?
Malik, eh?

You said that just so I wouldn't come beat you down, right? ;)
Since the Czech Condor (aka Josef Vasicek) is done for the season, you might need to pick another favorite on the Canes. I might suggest Andrew Hutchinson. ;)
Seriously, though, to offer another viable Czech candidate, how about Radim Vrbata?
I wouldn't dare suggest Eric Staal.

And ... dude? How can you hate SuperMario? Why not pick on some loathesome person like Andre Roy or Rico Fata?
I'm finding it easier to dislike (hate is a little strong) Mario every day. All he ever seems to do now is complain.

Come to think of it, that's all he's ever seemed to do. He just doesn't have the game to distract from the incessant whining anymore.
I have very short like/dislike lists-with no preferential consideration given to Czechs and Slovaks;)
Eric Staal, Ryan Smyth, Rick Nash, Danny Markov, Marty St. Louis, Dion Phaneuf, Jerome Iginla

Bobby The Missing-Holik, Ilya Kovalchuk, Just about every other Atlanta Thrasher, Sean Avery, Tie Domi, Martin Lapointe, Sheldon Souray, Brendan Witt
OK, I understand your affinity for Zednik and Plekanec, but come on, how can you not list Captain Canadien, Saku Koivu, as your most fav Hab? He does more for his team than Zeddy and Plekanec combined.

1. Trackbacking - Right now, I don't have a home computer so any fancy programming for this site will have to wait.

2. Meszaros gets the home-town discount as he played for the Vancouver Giants.

3. Malik? Well he basically won by default. There isn't really anyone on the Rangers that I like a whole lot, but at least they have dumped quite a few of the players I really disliked. Jagr is fun to watch, but I don't hate him all that much.

4. Mario? Yeah, he whines a LOT about on and off-ice issues. He's also been petulant and spoiled.

5. Vrbara = Brendl with better metabolism :). Seriously, Vrbata is a lazy punk and not my kind of player? Who would be #2 after Vasicek? Probably Ray Whitney.

6. Lyle, you sound like a typical Red Wings bandwagoner. "I like them because they are good". By your logic, I should love Dany Heatley, Wayne Gretzky, and whomever the top scorers of the day are. I don't dislike Koivu, but he doesn't do anything special for me. If it wasn't for Zednik and Plekanec, I would hate the Habs a lot more (like I used to).
I posted my choices on my site as well:'s not really a hockey blog, so I don't know what you're going to do...actually when you see that my favorite player in the NHL is Juraj Kolnik, I think I know what you'll do.
Ahh.. your San Jose fav is out of date :)
Mine's up:
Temper, temper, Jes. I'm no "bandwaggoneer", merely pointing out that, when it comes to leadership, character, toughness and skill, Koivu's got it in spades over Zeddy and Plekanec.

But hey! To each his own. 'Sides, I was only pullin' yer chain a little. Didn't mean to wind you up...
Jes, I gave it a shot too, but admittedly cheated quite a bit.
Heh, point taken. I couldn't come up with a 'least favourite' for half of the teams anyway, so why bother?
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