Monday, November 14, 2005


St. Louis Blues Sale Falls Through

It seems "Checkbook" Dave Checketts got a first-hand look at the St. Louis Blues and didn't want to buy a big lemon.


A group led by David Checketts withdrew from negotiations to buy the St. Louis Blues and the Savvis Center operating lease Monday, putting the NHL club back on the open market.

Blues owners Bill and Nancy Laurie had signed a letter of intent with Sports Capital Partners, LLC, granting them exclusive rights to negotiate for 30 days.

That window is now closed and talks with other interested parties can begin, the club said in a release.

Would YOU want to buy a 2-12-3 club with a thin pool of good prospects?

Nuthin is going right for this club right now...

...but in other news, I just saved a bundle on my car insurance!!!

(well, not really. I'm just trying to make myself feel better)

What do they say in the business world? "Buy low, sell high!" How low can they go? St. Louis is still a strong hockey market with a lot of history...abeit with a crappy team for the time being. Coupled with the foundation of the new CBA they should be pretty attractive. Look at the Senators, they were teetering on financial collapse (God bless Rod Bryden) when Melnik came in a scooped up the whole kit and kaboodle for a song.
The Kansas City Blues don't quite have the same ring to it.
no kc. the deal is blues plus saavis center, looooong term high cost lease arrangement unlikely to be broken
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