Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Peter Forsberg ain't no Holla-Back Boy

I know the Philadelphia Flyers are desperate for goaltending...but, damn!

Philadelphia Flyers forward Peter Forsberg presents pop singer Gwen Stefani and her dancers with a personalized Flyers jersey prior to sold out show at Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, PA, on November 6.

Now, if Peter Forsberg's face doesn't say UNSPEAKABLE EVIL to you, than nothing will.

(and where is his right hand? hmmm? 0_o)

The happiest place on earth?

Wait...strike that...
Eeeeep...those eyes. THOSE EYES!!

I swear, Forsberg could have hailed from the Village of the Damned. Hell, he probably does.
Before I read the rest of the post.. I was thinking... "Deer in the headlights".
I bet he has to hide whenever there's a full moon.
So why do Slovaks hate Swedes so much? Is it the 30 years war or something?
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