Monday, November 21, 2005


People, please, let's give Pavol some Props!!

During the offseason the LA Kings acquired both Pavol Demitra and Jeremy Roenick. Since Roenick is the talkative American, you know he got all the press while Demitra's signing was met with a collective 'meh'. After Pavol's concussions and the bevy of offseason moves elsewhere, many pundits and fans either didn't think of Pavol or thought he was basically a 'secondary' player.


As the founding member of the Pavol Demitra Worshippers Club, it seems I have to do some more PR for pool Pavol and get him his props. What is it going to take for this guy to get some respect? He's fast, he's slick, he scores pretty goals...I don't see Roenick scoring any pretty goals this year.

All Pavol has done since being signed by the Kings is recapture his A+ game and he's lead the team to the top of their division. Demitra and Alexander Frolov combine to give the LA Kings once of the more exciting and dynamic 1-2 punches in the NHL. I'm sure getting away from fat-ass Keith Tkachuk is also helping immensely!

2005-06: 21GP 11-18-29 +10 18PIM

It's not just the points Pavol is putting up, but also the completeness of his game that has been rediscovered. Pavol once killed penalties when Mike Keenan *shudder* ran the Blues, and now Pavol is back doing it once more after not killing penalties at all the past few seasons.

Pavol is actually 2nd on his entire team (behind Lubo Visnovsky and above all other DEFENDERS) in ice time per game with 21:19! Pavol's 2:49 of PK time per game is definitely a new career high, and he's doing everything in his power (other than throwing vicious bodychecks) to bring LA back into the land of the playoffs. Pavol has also scored at least a point in 15 of LA's 21 games so far. Pavol's greatest strengths in past seasons was his ability to be a part of the scoresheet on most nights. Pavol never seems to rack up huge 4 point nights often, but he'll get lots of 1's and 2's and consistently provide offence.

Thanks to an anonymous poster/commenter, I found this video of Pavol Demitra scoring a hat-trick against the Colorado Avalanche on "Hat Giveaway Night". The ice gets absolutely littered with black hats after Pavol pots #3. Poor Pavol looks terrified when he gets to the bench.

And then we have David Aebischer getting bombarded and skating through the carnage. Magnificent!

People, give Pavol some love!


On a housekeeping note, my home computer died a quiet and sudden death this past weekend. I believe the mother board is completely shot. Until I get it fixed, my access will be limited. For an internet addict such as myself, this is going to be a very tough time for me :(

And now you know how Ronnie Francis nuts, such as I, feel. ;)
Hat tricks on hat giveaway night are awesome! I was in the house for Jan Hlavac's hat trick for the Canes against the hated Red Wings on November 29, 2002 on Dodge Hat night.

I think there was another Canes hat trick on hat giveaway night, but I can't rightly remember.
As a died-in-the-wool Blues fan and a longtime Demitra watcher, I can afford to send him some love. Come back to St.Louis Pavol, all is forgiven.

That being said, the knock on Demitra here was never his ability to score, and do it entertainingly (if that's a word). It was his annoying tendency to disappear during the playoffs. I hope that Pavol has a great year and leads all playoff scorers, but I doubt it.
first off two trivia questions "in the books" for this weeks game.

1) who makes more weight or demitra?

a) weight makes 1.2 million more

2) which player has over twice as many points as the other?

a) pavol

so he has creds

ok that being said:

first off there is a rumor about pavol disappearing during the playoffs, and doug weight and chris pronger disappearing and taking two many penalties. turns out the only one that is true is pavol disapearing!

pavol scores .27 goals a playoff game vs .40 goals during reg season. and points about .97 a game while in the playoffs it is .65.

dougie playoff ratio only slightly under his reg season output while the stud on d actually scored BETTER during the playoffs than reg season, AND seldomn actually took a costly penaly.

but really pavol is a king cos he was not under contract. period.

pavol is 5th highest goal scorer in blues history (second highest game winner score), and he is 11th in games played. he certainly isnt treated like it in the loo though

Jes' Computer


(Gone to the electric heaven in the sky with all the Ataris, Apple IIe, and Texas Instuments are)
Did you see Demitra score 4 on Tuesday night, Nov. 22?
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