Monday, November 14, 2005


How did they become the Dinner Jackets?

I've been taking a breather from this blog since the mental well is a bit dry and I need a break. There will be no hardcore analysis or thorough posts until I get my mojo back. My mind just feels dry and all the (s)news is rather boring at the moment.

Anyhoo, I was perusing and found this article on how the Columbus Blue Jackets got their name.

With help from the NHL, the Columbus franchise narrowed the 14,000 entries down to 10 names. Then with the information received from Mr. McConnell, the League and the franchise narrowed the list of potential names down to two - Blue Jackets and Justice.
The 'JUSTICE'? Wow, lucky for us that we got the 'good' name. Let's not have the people of Columbus ever pick a name of anything again, mmkay?

The Blue Jackets name was selected because the name pays homage to Ohio's contributions to American history and the great pride and patriotism exhibited by its citizens, especially during the Civil War as both the state of Ohio and the city of Columbus were significantly influential on the Union Army. Ohio contributed more of its population to the Union Army than any other state, while many of the Blue Coats worn by the Union soldiers were manufactured in Columbus.
Ahh, damn those Yankee bastards! :) I can see why certain southerners (*cough*CAROLINA*cough*) would not like this team or the team name. When can we see the Thrashers adapt the CONFEDERATE flag on their sweaters?

Stinger was introduced as the mascot, the "Bug with an Attitude." Stinger is a symbol to characterize the citizens of Columbus known for their hard work and pride for their team.
What a great way to characterize the people of a town by comparing them to a 'Bug with an Attitude'. Perhaps the Canucks should have a logo of a sandal-wearing, latte-sipping fashionita talking on a cell phone. It would be only fitting.

With a name set and with a logo and mascot selected, it was time to make the official announcement. On Nov. 11, 1997, team officials announced the name of the team would be the Blue Jackets, celebrating patriotism, pride and the rich Civil War history in the state of Ohio and, more specifically, the city of Columbus.
The North > Teh South. You know it ;)

And with that, the Columbus Blue Jackets came to life. From the initial application to the building of the arena to the naming of the team, the process took steps in building a final product, but it's a final product that will be a part of Columbus forever.
You can dress up dog crap in a bowtie, but it's still dog crap.

You can dress up dog crap in a bowtie, but it's still dog crap.

Amen, brother.

There's nothing that offends Blue Jacket fans more than to make references to their bug mascot. They always get bugged (no pun intended) whenever someone acknowledges their team as "bugs", and doesn't say a peep about the name having to do with the Civil War.

And hence why on a sign I made for the March 2nd, 2004 Canes game vs. the Jacks, I had one side saying "Squish Those Jackets!" (the other side wishing Ronnie Francis a belated Happy Birthday). Cheesy, I know. But, I personally think the idea of blue hornets is cooler than some lame-ass Civil War soldiers.
its anohio thing, what was there last nhl teamnamed and why?
The infamous Cleveland Barons.

I hath no idea why they were named so. Want to educate us?
You can dress up dog crap in a bowtie, but it's still dog crap.

Down here, we say "You can put a cat in the oven, but you can't call it a biscuit."

I don't think we're in much of a position to criticize another team's mascot. I mean, for fook's sake, we have a PIG for a mascot. I love Stormy, but he's a damn pig.

Jes, are you suggesting that we still call the civil war "the war of northern aggression" and that we still hold a grudge against all Yankees? It isn't quite like that. And anyway, you should be coughing in Atlanta's direction. It was, after all, their city that was burned to the ground in said war. And don't forget that Atlanta chose to commemorate that event when they named their first team the Flames.

On another note, when Charlotte was awarded their first NBA franchise (Hornets) in 1989, they let the citizens choose the name. Among the finalists: Spirit, Queens(I swear, I'm not making that up), Gold, Knights. If you need to know, the name "Hornets" was appropriate because Mecklenburg County, in which Charlotte sits, is shaped like a hornet's nest.
Balastik just got called up today. Hopefully he can help ease the pain in this disaster of a season for the Blue Jackets. I was at Sunday nights crap-fest and there really isn't much hope for this team at all. I predict Gallant gets canned in December followed by Dougie in March.

As far as the mascot goes, who cares? It's a mascot. They are for children's entertainment. A weird bug is more entertaining than a civil war soldier. - although I will admit that I was glad when they took Stinger off of the sleeves on the sweater.
If the North > the South, then why did Tampa win the Cup?

Seriously--the only people in NHL-dom still fighting the War Between The States are the people that call us "Crackerlina" and make cracks about the KKK et. al. The rest of us just roll our eyes and say "whatever".
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