Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Foggy Thoughts on a Tuesday

  • Not long after the Minnesota Wild honoured the deceased Sergei Zholtok, the Red Wings were very close to losing a player of their own as Jiri Fischer suffered a seizure and a stopped heart during the Wings game versus the Predators. I am glad to hear Jiri is in stable condition, and On The Wings has full coverage and commentary.

    Now, since they decided to stop the game and make it up at a later date, how would you go about doing it?

    Predators General Manager David Poile says he expects to talk to the NHL today about trying to reschedule last night's game against Detroit...It's uncertain whether the game will be replayed in its entirety or resumed from the spot it stopped. Poile fully supported the decision to postpone last night's contest, but said it will be difficult to reschedule the game. "It won't be easy at all," Poile said. "Not only is it an Olympic year, which makes the schedule more condensed, but we've played the fewest games in the league. We've already had most of our days off. It's not going to fall into a good situation."
    Is there any precedent to this happening? Given the strange circumstances, I would just start a completely new game. Since the Predators also agreed to cancel the game when they had the lead, they essentially gave up that goal.

    Now, do fans in attendance at last night's game get a free ticket to a future game? I hope so, since they paid good money to see less than a third of a game.

  • Marchant is now a Mighty Duck of Anaheim - It seems Todd was supposed to be part of the Fedorov deal, but wouldn't waive his no-trade clause.

    Umm... wouldn't YOU do anything possible to get out of Columbus?

    "He was discussed at that time but he had a no-trade clause," Ducks GM Brian Burke said Monday.

    "And so there was never any agreement in any way that said Anaheim would take him if he went on waivers. The league doesn't allow understandings like that and there wasn't one here. As you can see, he cleared waivers once."
    What the hell has happened to Brian Burke this offeason? First, he overpays for the Niedermayer brothers (Especially Rob), and now he actually takes on the salary of Todd Marchant?? If getting rid of Fedorov was a decent cost-cutting move, acquiring an expensive centerman who doesn't produce offence just negates that.

    The rest of the league is probably laughing too hard to file any sort of legal action.

  • Christy at Behind the Jersey Blog has really had her blogging mojo in overdrive lately. NHL Blog Carnival #13 is up and is more impressive than a Pavol Demitra breakaway goal.

    If that wasn't enough, she did a Behind the Blog feature on the Predators Den, and an extensive Behind the Jersey look at #19, Steve Yzerman. If I ever have a biography done, I'll have to hire her to do it :)

    She does such a great job, so I won't try and coerce her to correct her blog's name to Behind the Sweater.

  • Comments:
    when pronger's heart stopped, the game was not canceled, so i doubt there is much to go on historically. I'd definately say that the game is NOT started over at 0-0 but rather the game continue at the time of the injury with the score of the injury.

    the more interesting and banal concern (seeing the more major concerns out there) is what happens to the ticket holder for last nights non finished game?

    oh as just a footnote. baseball does NOT play all its game when a cancelled game turns out to be meaningless. it is certianly possible that the 2 points will not change the playoff race, and the game can be forfeit.

    in hockey though, 2 points in a playoff field is often a difference makers
    yes it is in bad taste. and i still don't care so phhtt!!

    top 11 reasons Jiri Fischer was lying on the ice

    11: someone told him to be more like Chris Pronger

    10: someone told him to be more like Eric Brewer

    09: someone told him to be more like Vladimir Konstantinov

    08: he was doing the "Nashville no-step" to a Travis Tritt tune

    07: the "replace the gator-aide with wild turkey" experiment was a dismal failure

    06: grabbed the NyQuil instead of the DayQuil

    05: when the goal siren sounded he thought the worse and followed his "duck and cover" training

    04: one Mohamed Ali "phantom punch" and it is game over

    03: hey, it is ice! it is slippery out there!

    02: the shock of Brett Hull's retirement finally hit him

    and the top reason?

    01: someone told him he had just been traded to Saint Louis
    You know what really gets under my skin? When I'm accused of making off color remarks, at least my name is attached to them! This coward who came up with the 10 jokes should had have the cojones to put their name on them.

    And not having a blogger account is no excuse. You can type your name in the comment body.

    During this time in America where we all focus on being thankful for what we have, I strongly reccomend that people let their loved ones know how much you care about them.
    Ah, I see we've met the Idiot Known As Childhood Trauma.

    Ignore him, Michael. Classless smegheads like him aren't even worth bothering with.
    lol my name is attached to them :0)

    and it is STILL amazing. vd? funny. hepititus?! funny. bloody hockey fights? hilarious! leonard little? object of scorn, but a little gallows humor on a hockey player?



    and i don't think here I've even gotten to the steve durbando material :0)

    i think instead there are classless idiots who don't understand what humor is all about, and i STRONGLY suspect that Jiri himself (as he is in a jovial condition according to reports) is cracking the wize on the issue as well.

    but these unhappy gangs still insist on annointing their humor as the "correct" and/or "adult" humor, and also proclaim it the only acceptable humor!

    yowzer, it is the joke police. or at least it is the comedy of errors cops. a little keystone physical comedy masquerading as rightous indignation! the hockey gods must be crazy

    and the name callers? classid queen rules there, never have i ever called her anything. ever. well until now, but it is point one on her arguement technique. she is a queen of something alright. i think her step two is to use "moron". but let us find out together!!

    yowzer again!!

    in addition, NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THE 11 WAS ANTI JIRI! and yes it was not 10 but 11, and they were freakin numbered!!!!

    wow. good thing no one here ever had to read my modest proposal for the nhl, they haven't the skills to know what was the purpose

    and doodz, comedy is not pretty!

    by the by that top 11 will be in underground print locally with my name on it. so it isn't like i am scared of the uniformed.

    the intelligent arguement of people with the opposed viewpoints? well when one contacts me, i'll let you know if i got scared.


    p.s. it was ALSO labeled. you read the warning yet don't following the docotr's recomendations and you got sick? good! read and follow next time!!
    Hey Jes-

    Thanks so much for the compliments and links; they mean a lot coming from you! And outside this blogosphere, I've never heard anyone call a hockey jersey, a sweater. But then, I am American. :)
    Peace, people! If you want fighting, go to the Goonblog :)

    I agree that joking about a guy who almost died is a bit tasteless. Although CT wasn't malicious, he probably didn't exercise the best judgement or timing for such a Top 11 list. There is a difference between near-death and getting hit in the groin with a puck. I'm nowhere near a PC kind of guy, so I'm not going to delete his post nor censor anything.


    Yes, when Pronger almost kicked the bucket, they continued the game. They usually continue the game no matter how bad the incident is (like Malarchuk), so I am amazed they didn't keep the show going, as it were.


    As for baseball, it's broken up into very discrete segments unlike hockey, which is a time-flow kind of game. Hockey has just 3 distinct segments to 18 for baseball. Given the balance between offense and defense for baseball (each team gets 9 turns at least), it's very easy to start a baseball game half way through without giving a weird advantage to either team. Momentum is much more of a factor in hockey than baseball, IMO.
    Dude, it's your blog. I'm far from PC myself, but really--that "top 11 list" was completely beyond the limits of even remotely good taste.

    And when I defend anything even remotely connected with those f**king Red Wings, that should tell you something.
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