Monday, November 07, 2005


Doing the Wa-Tuzzi

Local Elvis Presley impersonator/wanna-be "Heavy Eric" has penned a tune about that big bad Todd Bertuzzi that has become a bit of a local hit. ( story)

It's bad, but it's catchy like the Avian bird flu.
...and now he's writing a song about the other loser on the Canucks, Jarko Ruutu:

Ruutu, Ruutu rocks ’em like U2.
He’s gonna be a star, he plays the game hard.
Ruutu, Ruutu he knows what to do.
He’s gonna take us far.
Jarko Ruutu’s a feisty Finn.
He’s always getting under someone’s skin.
He’s not scared to throw open ice hits.
And he’s not afraid to drop his mitts.

Not afraid to drop his mitts? Don't tell that to Dion Phaneuf, who bailed Ruutu from a beating thanks to tripping over his own stick.

Anyway, here is Heavy Eric's website where you can listen to these songs.

Watch it again, Jes--Ruutu gave Phaneuf a little hook behind the left knee and tripped him up.
Well, it is a terrible song BUT then again so is the player it's written for.
I'm a Av's fan so that critique might be a little biased.
Crapalanche fan?


*tosses empty soda cup*
Jeeez... That "Watuzzi Bertuzzi" song was a hit in Vancouver over 2 years ago.

Considering everything that's happened since it came out, we never thought anyone would mention it again...
Ruutu's > all

... u bitches :-D
Ruutu is pretty much the best agitator around. He is a game winner, no doubt. Respec' yo.
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