Tuesday, November 29, 2005


CuJo for Canada?

Curtis Joseph on Team Canada in Turin? That seems to be a popular theme today.

How quickly people forget 1996 and the Canada Cup choke.

That said, I will give CuJo his props for his great play this season. If the season suddenly ended *now*, he would get my pick as the Vezina winner.

Dominik Hasek has been spectacular and rookie Henrik Lundquist is a pleasant surprise for Rangers fans. Still, CuJo plays behind an inferior squad and has put up incredible numbers early in the season. I know Wings fans don't miss him, but it wasn't quite time to kick this dog to the proverbial curb.

Cujo gets my vote, he has never been given the credit he deserves.
Cujo gets my vote too. but then again, I'm american :0).
They just want to see CuJo go so when the Canadians LOSE they could blame Gretzky for favoring his own players.
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