Friday, October 21, 2005


Slovakia nominates 51 for Olympic Games - None named Palffy

If you thought Canada releasing a list of 81 potential Olympic hockey candidates was something, Slovakia decided to follow suit and release 51 names

For me, it's even more silly considering how big of a drop off there is from the established stars to the second tier. There really isn't a nice second tier of Glen Murray's to choose from. You either get Pavol Demitra and Marian Gaborik or Tomas Chrenko and Juraj Kolnik.

The one BIG name missing is that of Zigmund Palffy. He has the talent to play for Team Slovakia, but he decided to quit International play after the last World Championships and he's sticking to his guns.

As always, the big weakness is in goal. One of 4 guys could be the #1 starter and 5 of the 6 (Laco has no shot and he's a bad nomination...not that it makes a difference) have a shot at the roster.

(Those without Central European character sets will probably get some garbage. Such is life for you heh heh)

Goalies (6): Ján Lašák (HC Moeller Pardubice – ČR), Rastislav Staňa (Södertälje SK – Švéd.), Karol Križan (MoDo Hockey Alfredshem - Švéd.), Peter Budaj (Colorado Avalanche – NHL), Jaroslav Halák (Montreal Canadiens/Hamilton – NHL/AHL), Ján Laco (HC Košice).

Defense (18): Zdeno Chára (Ottawa Senators – NHL), Martin Štrbák (CSKA Moskva – Rus.), Ivan Majeský (Washington Capitals – NHL), Branislav Mezei (Florida Panthers – NHL), Ladislav Čierny (Severstaľ Čerepovec – Rus.), Andrej Meszároš (Ottawa Senators – NHL), Radoslav Suchý (Columbus Blue Jackets – NHL), Jaroslav Obšut (Lulea HF Bears – Švéd.), Ľubomír Višňovský (Los Angeles Kings – NHL), René Vydarený (HC České Budějovice – ČR), Richard Stehlík (HC Sparta Praha – ČR), Tomáš Starosta (Neftechimik Nižnekamsk – Rus.), Dušan Milo (HKm Nitra), Milan Jurčina (Boston Bruins - NHL), Peter Smrek (Mora IK – Švéd.), Tomáš Malec (Binghamton Senators – AHL), Kristián Kudroč (SaiPa Lappeenranta – Fín.), Dominik Graňák (HC Slavia Praha – ČR).

Forwards (27): Marián Gáborík (Minnesota Wild – NHL), Richard Zedník (Montreal Canadiens – NHL), Jozef Stümpel (Florida Panthers – NHL), Vladimír Országh (Lulea HF Bears – Švéd.), Miroslav Šatan (New York Islanders – NHL), Luboš Bartečko (Lulea HC Bears – Švéd.), Marcel Hossa (New York Rangers – NHL), Pavol Demitra (Los Angeles Kings – NHL), Marián Hossa (Atlanta Thrashers – NHL), Ladislav Nagy (Phoenix Coyotes – NHL), Branko Radivojevič (Philadelphia Flyers – NHL), Michal Handzuš (Philadelphia Flyers – NHL), Marek Svatoš (Colorado Avalanche – NHL), Jirí Bicek (Leksands IF – Švéd.), Radovan Somík (Severstaľ Čerepovec – Rus.), Martin Cibák (Tampa Bay Lightning – NHL), Rastislav Pavlikovský (MoDo Hockey Alfredshem – Švéd.), Peter Bondra (Atlanta Thrashers – NHL), Ronald Petrovický (Atlanta Thrashers – NHL), Tomáš Surový (Wilkes Barre/Scranton Penguins – AHL), Miroslav Zálešák (Södertälje SK – Švéd.), Andrej Podkonický (HC Bílí Tygři Liberec . ČR), Róbert Petrovický (Zürich SC Lions – Švaj.), Tomáš Chrenko (HKm Nitra), Richard Kapuš (Metallurg Novokuzneck – Rus.), Juraj Kolník (Florida Panthers – NHL), Martin Bartek (Matallurg Novokuzneck – Rus.).

Will there be a pronounciation guide provided for each of these player names?
Would it help? The media would just butcher the names, anyway >:(

The great thing about Slovak names is that the letters ALWAYS have the same sound. Vowels are always the same and there are no silent letters...unlike in English (knife, nick, get it?). All you need to know is how to pronounce the letters and see the accents and it's impossible to get the name wrong unless you are completely stupid (given the media in NA, I can see why they would mess it up)
Too bad Legace isn't from Slovakia (inside joke).
They can field a pretty formidable lineup though.
Karol Krizan has been performing pretty well in Modo, to say the least! But they´ll probably go with Lasak.
I congratulated Petrovicky on making the list tonight. He just laughed and said, "well, it's a very long list."

He did have a great game tonight though.
Laco has no shot and he's a bad nomination...

WTF????? Laco is great talent

Dusan from Kosice
Jan Laco?

He ranks 17th in the Slovak Extraliga with a 89.59 SV% and 2.54

Slovakia would be better dressing old Czech Libor Barta

Kozuch should be on the roster ;)
Down with the media! They know nothing!
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