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Sidney Crosby does Vanity Fair

Does the NHL owns shares in fashion magazines like Vanity Fair and Flare? Perhaps the editors of these magazines are big hockey fans. Not long after Wayne Gretzky's daughter graced the cover of Flare magazine, Sidney Crosby was posing half-nude for the delight of squealing teenage girls. in October's issue of Vanity Fair

It's great that the NHL is able to get free publicity in non-hockey magazines before Crosby ever plays a professional game. Sid might just do a better job of marketing than the NHL can do all on its own. What is even funnier is that Crosby doesn't even have to try that hard. The hockey media and some mainstream Canadian media are driving this marketing engine all on their own. As long as Crosby performs well on the ice and keeps flashing that trademark goofy grin, it's basically easy money for him and the NHL.'s the eye candy, girls.
Sidney Crosby

An exerpt from the article:

Kid Crosby
-Brett Forrest

The last year the Stanley Cup sat on the shelf was 1919, when an influenza epidemic wiped out the playoffs. There is under the weather, and then there is laid low, which is pro hockey's posture as the N.H.L. opens play this month. Truth is, hockey has been backsliding for years, even before money came between the owners and the players, forcing last season's cancellation. Scoring has taken a leave of absence, the networks have backed off, and fans in time-honored hockey hubs (Phoenix! Nashville!) aren't quite sure what they're cheering for.

Into the identity breach skates teenager Sidney Crosby, from Cole Harbor, Nova Scotia, who is now charged with hefting hockey back to relevance. The game's best prospect in 20 years, Crosby is the type of player with the ability and appeal (and healthy endorsement deals with Reebok and Gatorade) to draw the casual masses to his sport, like an A-Rod or an M.J., or even Gretzky, "the Great One," himself.

Sidney doesn't yet carry a majestic nickname. (For the time being, let's call him Kid Crosby; his agent, after all, first eyed him at age 13.) But now that the Pittsburgh Penguins have signed him, he's lugging around some pretty unfair expectations. After Crosby's unprecedented back-to-back honors as M.V.P. and top scorer in the Canadian junior leagues, Gretzky said that the upstart could very well break his seemingly unbreakable N.H.L. records. "I've always wanted to be the best, but so do a lot of other people," says the deferential Crosby, who has the requisite aw-shucks Canadian temperament to help him straddle that tricky divide between winning everyone over and kicking everyone's ass.

And now the Big Ice cometh. "I've been waiting for this a long time," Crosby says. How long? The Kid, last time we checked, was just out of high school.

Source: Vanity Fair, October 2005, pages 306-7.


Did they wait for his birthday this August before taking this picture? Otherwise, this could be classified Siddy porn.


I save gold like this for your blog, Jes.
I see you took Comedy 201 from Bob Saget during your time at Ryerson, eh! ;)
I'm going to *really* prove what a weirdo I am through saying the following: Sid doesn't do a thing for me. That is, on the looks front.

But, he certainly does do a thing for me when it comes to being on the ice. As a matter of fact, I can't wait to be able to say I was one of 18,000+ who witnessed Sid's second NHL game this upcoming Friday. ;D
What a gyp that Sid doesn't even come to Vancouver this year. I don't mind increasing division rivalries, but it does suck not being able to see some teams here this Flyers, no Pens...

and Sidney really does look 18...his face, especially. I don't think too many women over 18 will get hot over him...wait another 5-6 years and then he'll be entering Jiri Slegr territory.
Jiri Slegr?!?!?

My girl has always had the hots for Andreas Lilja.

Damn swedes eh?
Jes, too, had the hots for Andreas Lilja. Then there was the incident.
Jiri Slegr, bah.

One of these days Jes, you'll finally come to terms with all your little mancrushes. :D
Jason Bonsignore is calling, and he's sad.

- Duc
Yeah, well Jason had his chance and blew it ;)
Sidney is beautiful, i wish he always kept his shirt off!!jk hes awesome on the ice and off the ice! HE'S FROM NOVA SCOTIA Bitches chea! oh yeah! The best come from CANADA! Waydne, Mario, and now Sid, Canada is the best. I am going to Marry HIM!
omg shut up sidney is mine!!
sid is a grear player and puts a new meaning to "i love hockey players" he is a great player...can u say hottie!!lol love i sidney yah go bluenoser!!nova scotia all the way! he was born in heaven...CANADA!!
Back off of my man blueberryx, you floozie! He is mine i've met him before and he loved me. Anyways can't deny that he rocks hockey, he owns that game, he is the game. Loves it!
yah well i know a friend with a friend who was with u and he dont love u !!!u never even taked to him...from what i here ur mom got more contact the u did! so back off the beautiful hockey player hoe!
oh no you din't *snap* *snap* *snap* it's on hoe! he's MINE!!!
um yah i think i did...wannabe just crawl back into that hole call a home and back off bitch or its ganna get physical!!
uhh excuse me u wannabees, yeah sidney crosby's MINE!! i knew about him way before he wuz even in the NHL. and im a hockey player myself so we have ALOT in commen. well actually, im his gf he didnt want to tell the public but its bitches like u guys who drive me to it. so keep dreamin cuz that man is MINE!!
you all have no life.
seriously aint none of ya'll ganna get him.
get over yurselfs;;
yu all needa reality checkk.
Go SID Go!
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