Thursday, October 13, 2005


Patrick's a 'Sharp' guy for wearing a visor!

A throwaway item from this Flyers report that fits in well with the recent visor debates and posts going on in blogdom.

Flyers right wing Patrick Sharp (right) suffered an 8-inch cut from the top of his lip to the top of his left cheek Tuesday night when Maple Leafs defenseman Ken Klee clipped him in the face with his skate blade.

Sharp, who was sitting on the bench when Klee's skate hit him, needed 12 stitches to close the wound and returned to play the third period.

"I didn't feel the cut," Sharp said. "I got kicked in the side of the head and that's what hurt the most. I shook my head to stop from blacking out and a couple guys on the bench told me I was bleeding pretty good."

Sharp said Klee's skate left a mark on his shield and he is certain he would have suffered damage to his left eye if he had not been wearing a shield.

Of course, the mainstream media doesn't pick up on the fact that a guy benefitted from the protection of the visor. Blood and victims sell, prevention doesn't. Just another lesson to the idiots from the Church of Cherry: visors prevent nasty injuries. Would you rather be 'tough' or have your vision?


This Sabres/Lightning tilt is 3-3 in OT and has been a pretty exciting game. Two fast skating teams playing a back-and-forth game...Ryan Miller robbing Martin St. Louis with a nice poke-check on a 3rd period breakaway and now Marty takes a penalty in OT. I never considered the Sabres a must-see team before, but I like the look of their team in terms of entertainment factor. If you get the chance, catch the Sabres on TV some time.

Edit: a great 3-3 game is now ruined thanks to a stupid shootout. Why reward both teams with a point for fighting to an even draw when we can give away a bonus point for lucking out in a skills competition *fumes*

Why do the announcers/PbP assume that all the fans in attendance love the shootout? If I were attending the game, I wouldn't suddenly start falling in love with the damn things.

Now, how many shooters will even attempt to deke? I would guess maybe 1.

Daniel Briere...shoots and scores!
Martin St. Louis...stuffed by Miller
Tim Connolly...lost the handle on a deke attempt. tsk tsk.
Brad Richards...tries a deke and loses the handle. The puck just bounces too much.
Thomas Vanek...fakes a slapshot, dekes, and scores!! just barely...

So, even with the Zamboni streaking through the center of the ice, the puck bounces a lot and dekes are a risky venture.

Comments: a great 3-3 game is now ruined thanks to a stupid shootout.*fumes*

Jes, Jes, Jes - The game was over at 3-3, you could've just shut it off and been happy. :-)

IMO - The shootout and the point only affect the standings - neither of which should have any bearing on the game itself or our enjoyment of it.
I enjoy the shootouts, what's wrong with the team with the best goalie and most skilled shooters getting an extra point? As you know, the losing team still gets their point for forcing a tie. It's much easier to televise a 5-minute overtime followed by a shootout than the endless overtimes it could possibly take to actually finish a game. BTW, how can you not like a penalty shot/shootout?
NEWSFLASH - Finishing a game does not necessarily mean determining a winner.
I hate ties. I like the shootout.
Eliminate that point for a tie, and you won't haave teams deliberately playing for a tie. The NHL has bested the 'designated hitter' stupidity with the shootout. Shootouts have nothing to do with team play, coaching, defense, or finesse. You want to settle the tie, have the zamboni drivers play a hand of 'texas holdem', at least the ice jockeys would finally get to go on the road.
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