Friday, October 14, 2005


NHL: LA Kings say 'NO' to Visors

The LA Kings gave the royal thumbs down to the use of mandatory visors. What a surprise...the NHLPA members care little about personal safety. How can you expect to make more money if you suffer a career-threatening injury?

Pavol Demitra
The NHL Players' Association is currently holding an online survey of its players regarding the use of visors but the Kings wasted no time in making their feelings known, taking an informal survey in their dressing room even though the union is actually not asking players to formally vote on it.

The Kings unanimously voted against mandatory visors.
Now, Pavol Demitra is Teh Master of Disaster and will break you like plaster with his slapshot, but he can be a few pennies short of a dollar sometimes. You'd think the guy would have a good message for the youngsters out there.

"I think it should be an option, but not mandatory," star winger Pavol Demitra, who started wearing a visor after a potentially career-ending eye injury in 2000, told the Los Angeles Daily News. "A lot of guys hate them. I used to hate them. I almost lost my eye so I started wearing one, but I would still feel more comfortable without it."

I'm sorry, Pavol, but what the hell is wrong with you? *Grrrr* You grew up wearing a visor and then took it off for no apparent good reason. Your face gets smashed into the boards and you'd still consider going windowless? Aye, Carumba!

"If I was a GM and I was paying a guy a lot of money, I'd definitely want to make it mandatory," said Kings centre Craig Conroy, who does not wear one. "But as a player, I don't think anyone should be forced to wear one."

Is this simply a control issue? Would the NHLPA feel so macho as to fight the NHL if Gary Bettman were to say visors are now mandatory? Talk about fighting the wrong fight.

This is one issue where I would support Bettman if he decided to lay down the law.

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Avery probably threatened to blast Mars Volta (or some other shitty band) at all hours of the day and night. That'd get me to capitulate damn quick.

Anyway--if the Kings want to be stupid, let them.
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