Friday, October 07, 2005


Jozef Balej brings his dancing show to Vancouver

Well, the Vancouver Canucks *FINALLY* got a Slovak in the system. I almost had a heart attack.


On the other hand, it's Jozef Balej... (*crickets chirping*) reports:

The Vancouver Canucks have acquired winger Jozef Balej and a conditional draft pick from the New York Rangers in exchange for Fedor Fedorov.

Balej, 23, joins the Canucks after spending the 2004-05 season with Hartford of the AHL. In Hartford, Balej scored 42 points in 69 games. Prior to the lockout, Balej was with the New York Rangers for 13 games, recording five points and four penalty minutes.

Fedorov, 24, is a 6-foot-3, 230-pound forward who has not been able to fulfill his substantial potential. He's recorded two assists in 15 career NHL games and had 14 points in 29 games in the Russian SuperLeague last year. In 2003-2004, Fedorov scored 38 points in 59 games with Manitoba of the AHL
Balej had a golden opportunity to make a weak Rangers squad and couldn't do it. So, the Canucks trade one floating malcontent for another, except the floating malcontent we get has less potential.

Chalk this one up as a "doesn't make a flippin' difference" trade. It's nice to have a Slovak in the Canucks system, but it barely counts.

Oh, c'mon, they've had them before- the late, great Rene Vydarney was a Slovak, wasn't he ;)
HOLY COW!! The 'nucks traded my cousin?
1. Rene Vydareny is gone...back to Europe, forever
2. He was a product of $lovan... ewww... only Lubo Visnovsky has recently come from that system
3. It's Jozef freakin' Balej!! get me a Vladimir Orszagh and I might get excited

sorry, but I'm just jaded.
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