Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I Know What You Did Last Summer

ESPN.com's Page 3 has a short but interesting look at what a few NHL players did during the lockout (The ones that didn't play actual hockey).

Doug McIntyre profiles Curtis Leschyshyn's new cycling career, Sean O'Donnell's love of the culinary arts, Anson Carter's new recording company, Luc Robitaille's personal sports-training company, and Donald Brashear's foray into boxing.

As a lifelong boxing fan, Brashear dreamed of being a ring legend while growing up in the mostly French-speaking Canadian province. Although he won't train during the NHL season and has no ambitions of entering the pro ranks when he eventually hangs up his skates, he'll step onto the canvas again next summer.

"It's just a hobby. I'm having fun and making a dream come true."

And how does the tough guy explain that blemish on his 2-1 record?

"You can't lose focus for one second. That's what happened. I lost my focus for a little bit and he gave me a combination in the second round and I got a standing eight count. That's pretty much where he won the fight -- the rest of the time, I had the advantage. I'm pretty certain if I fought the guy again, I'd beat him."

He sounds like a boxer already.

D00d's got some nice cannons, though.

Goddamn Curtis Lespellcheck has some killer thighs.
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