Thursday, October 06, 2005



After watching the Canadiens and Rangers play on TSN and the whole hoopla surrounding the opening of the season, it reminded me of why I love watching hockey and love the fact that the NHL is back in action.

I might whine, piss, and moan about the NHL often (although never as much as Old Man Tom), it's time to feel the love!


- Congrats to Tomas Plekanec for getting his first NHL assist on Chris Higgins' first NHL goal this evening. Plekanec finished with 1A, +2 in 13:26 of ice time. He won 5 out of 7 faceoffs and this has really become a positive part of his game. Who needs Yanic Perreault?

- How weak did Kevin Weekes look on the Michael Ryder OT goal? It was a nice shot, but an NHL goalie should have that goal. It's misplays like that goal that will keep Weekes from carrying the Rangers into the playoffs.

- GOD DAMN RED WINGS! At least the Blues made a game out of it, but you know the Wings are going to get a lot of points this year at the Blues' expense. Oh, and Petr Cajanek now has 3 assists in the first 2 games. Nice to see him producing now.

- Keith Tkachuk has a pulled groin? How do you pull fat?

- Kari Lehtonen placed on the IR...Martin Gerber with a tweaked groin...that's 2/3 of my Blogger's Challenge goalie rotation! Kari's groin problems are really going to haunt his Calder chances, and I wonder if they will always stay with him for his career.

Kevin Weekes looks bad about 97.3319% of the time.
It might be kind of fun to put up a "Kevin Weekes looks like crap" monitor.

I can already hear the Weekes fans chiming in "yeah, but what about the save, dude". Yeah, that was pretty sweet, but it was only one little moment, and it was a save he had no business making. I'll stick by my assertion that if that sequence is played over 1000 times, Madden scores at least 990 times.
He gives up tons of soft goals and has a really hard time controlling rebounds. I think the Blueshirts will be very disappointed in him this season.
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