Monday, October 31, 2005


Hallowe'en Mismash

A potpourri of tricks and treats for my little munchkins.

  • Roman Cechmanek may have retired from the NHL and moved back to Czechia, but he's still as crazy as ever.

  • Many pundits and fans believe the numerous penalty calls are giving us a watered-down version of 'hockey' that might not resemble the real spot they know and love.
    Right-Winger Grandpa Pinhead does a mini study on penalty calls over a 9-day span and the effect it is having on hockey.
    More rules=wider inconsistencies
    This is not the 'rule of unintended consequences',
    sportsfans, this is a 'given'

  • Wes Goldstein of CBS Sportsline gives us his Tricks or Treats from the first 2 months of the NHL.
    Jocelyn Thibault: He was pushed out of Chicago by Khabibulin but his landing in Pittsburgh has been anything but soft. Thibault missed some time because of a knee injury, but when healthy his numbers have been nothing short of ugly. Even though the budget-conscious Pens are paying him $1.5 million, you have to wonder how long they can tolerate someone who has a 5.65 GAA and an .857 save percentage.
    That IS ugly.

  • Feeling that weak draft? Red Line Report opines that the 2006 Draft will be weaker than Bud Light beer.

  • From the Yeah, I'm not making this up" Files.

    Dick will replace Johnson versus Gamecocks says coach Nutt.

  • Comments:
    The QB situation is hilarious.
    I think Roman was just trying to play the puck before it reached the trapezoid!!!
    Perhaps Roman can make the switch to play for Artmedia Bratislava or Sparta Prague? Artmedia are playing well in the Champions League and a team can always use a quality "striker's tackle" once in a while. :)
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