Thursday, October 13, 2005


Game Thoughts: Canucks 0 - Wild 6

The Canucks 6-0 loss to the Gaborik-less Minnesota Mild last night was UGLY. Yes, it was ugly enough to deserve the full capital letters treatment. Apart from the play of Sami Salo and Ed Jovanovski, and the sound bites we got from Matt Cooke, who was miked, the rest of the Canucks played this game like it was a morning skate. The Canucks may have outshot the Wild 33-28, but they were outplayed as much as the score indicated. It's the kind of game that makes fans extremely irritated. What's the excuse for such lazy play?

I really hate being shut out. I really hate not scoring a SINGLE goal. It's a real slap in the face and kick in the proverbial balls and I'd rather lose 10-1 than 6-0.

I tried to come up with some redeeming qualities from last night's game, but I can't really find any from a personal standpoint. Sure, the Wild used their speed and scored some nice goals, but I don't have any members of the Wild in any of my pools! Thanks to Naslund, Morrison, and any other Canuck I might have (I'm not making the mistake of taking Bertuzzi again) for putting up big jelly doughnuts.

The Canucks will be the first team to play back-to-back road games against the same team. Hopefully Game #2 won't suck as much as Game #1.

Congrats to Yann Danis of the Montreal Canadiens for earning his first career shutout in his debit as he blanked the Thrashers 2-0.

While I have talked about the 'Anglicization' of surnames in the past, it appears that Danis is getting the 'French' treatment of his name with "Da-NEE".

My Slovak friend Daniel, who is very knowledgeable on Slovak surnames and geneaology, believes that Yann Danis has Slovak roots. Danis, which is pronounced 'DAH-nish', is a known Slovak surname and Yann (like Yan Stastny) is often the modified version of the common 'Jan'. Yann's parents both have Quebecois first names, so I can't say for sure if Danis is a true Quebecer or a Canadian-born Slovak. It's just something to think about.

This game sort of reminded me of the series these two teams played against one another a few years ago, something I never wanted to be reminded of ever again.

I think Auld could get a lot more starts this year than people think.
If you hate everyone on the canucks so much maybe you should just back another team eh? Why not toronto or the coyotes?

Just a thought....
In french (Québécois), Yan is short for Yannick... not for Jan. Danis has nothing to do with Slovakia.

E.Poirier, (pronounce Pwar-y-eh ;-)
Well E. Poirier,

It was just a theory of my friends. It has some merit given the nature of 'Yan' and also the name Danis. There are Jan Danis's in Slovakia... the only way to ever know for sure is to ask Yann himself.
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