Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Fight Night in Quebec: Volume 64

The next time a moronic hardhead from the Church of Cherry is spouting off anti-French player gospel, just point them to this video of a beautiful brawl in some Quebec beer league. Twinkletoes Daigle need not apply.

I'm amazed at how surprised the announcers sound by what is going on. You'd think they'd have seen this about 1,000 times before. I also love the train horns and other horns going off during the fight. If I ever visit Quebec, I have to go to one of these games.

How many beer leagues do you know that have their own TV contract?

I will withold my feelings towards the French for this one post.

That was hysterical! WOOOOOO! Yea.. that's what it needed Ric Flair or Mathew Barnaby going WOOO to those guys in the yellow jerseys. The yellow team got their collective ass beat hardcore style! You know of course this means that Vince McMahon's XHL is only on the horizon!

The fight even took out the referee. It ended just like a WWE brawl, dragging the ref along up the ramp to the dressing room.
Oh man, that's just "Old Time Hockey" right there. Maybe we should lock Sean Avery in a room with these jokers (and Ian Laperriere) for a couple hours, and wait for the screaming to stop. Then we'll ask him again how he feels about francophone players.
Hehehe everytime I watch the video of that game from last year playoff I cannot stop myself laughing, I hate the prolab (the white shirts one, the one that got their ass kicked pretty bad). Anyway, just to tell you that if you do come to Quebec, the name of that league is Ligue Nord Américaine de Hockey (LNAH) and you'd be surprised how good it is actually, it's better than the junior CHL but under the american league, but a lot of players that play in that league already played for the NHL, CHL, AHL, etc. Last year Donald Brashear played with us (radio x de québec), Marthieu Biron played for the Prolab, sébastion caron played for Sorel, Jean-Yves Leroux, Jean-François Damphousse, Éric Fichaud, Link Gaetz, Sylvain Blouin, etc... they all played in the NHL and now they're in the LNAH.
No Quebec hockey player would want to be associated with those losers. Beating up people that do not want to fight … really classy.
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